Unrealistic expectations

From the campaign for real beauty comes this tremendous video. Truly, it’s no wonder we all have such a messed-up sense of ourselves with such fabricated messages.

Let’s throw off this yoke, let’s try and get a sense of what’s normal.

  • How does God see us?
  • What do healthy people see as important?
  • How can I get a fair value of myself?
  • How does God value me?
  • How does God value and unborn child?
  • How does God value people… especially those who have no value in society?

These are the important things.

10 responses to “Unrealistic expectations

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  3. Yes, I feel that too.
    Yipee!! Free to be who God designed us to be. His sons and daughters.

    I’m excited about this!!

    Thanks again, Mark.

  4. Hi Eliz

    Yes it is a fantastic video. “They” are just an invention. They are us. We are they.

    This video and this realization sets me free from that illusion – I think you feel that too?

    Free to be what? Whatever we really are as an expression of what He has made us to be, whatever is inside us!

    Bless you,

  5. That is such a powerful video.
    Many times when I watch ad or flip through magazines, I harbor this wish to be as beautiful as them. But this video made me realize that they are as normal as we all are.

    Thanks for posting this, Mark.

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