Rise up!

Dove is a commercial soap company, why are THEY the ones to tell us our self-worth should not be based on perfection? And why are rock and rollers more worried than us about Africa. Why do new-agers care about ozone more than we do. Al Gore in the US cares about global warming and I can’t ever remember a church leader speaking about it. Why?

Bono raises his voice and gets critisized by millions of Christians around the world. Rick Warren talks about defeating poverty and getting churches active… and he gets attacked by the church itself. Hey! God told told *US* to take care of the world in Genesis! Why are they the ones who are active and passionate about these issues? Why do we attack our own leaders when they speak up?

Hats off to the Christian Jubilee 2000 movement (to fight third world debt) NOTE: Jubilee is a Mosaic law concept of debt forgiveness every 7 years. Check out it’s successor movements: the Jubilee USA movement and Jubilee Research.

Hats off also go to Rick Warren and his P.E.A.C.E plan. Watch the video! Rick says it best. It’s time for the church to be the church and link together. We need to find a way to move people from being spectations to taking action.

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