Buddha pointed to Jesus

If this is true, then this is profound! Buddha Prophesied about Jesus (Yeshua). (Found via BibleProbe). Take a read.

Buddha seems to have spoken about:

  • the existence of sin
  • the enormous weight of sin
  • his (Buddha) inability to ever overcome the weight of sin through any amount of good works
  • that a Holy One (Jesus, 500 years later) would be able to cause people to overcome sin
  • Buddha described Jesus scars and wounds, to help us identify the Holy One
  • that Jesus is able to take people to heaven, rather than any other “recycling” teaching

Just think… if this really was Buddha’s teaching. Incredible. Just incredible. Why don’t Buddhists then listen to Buddha’s teaching and come to Jesus, the One who can overcome sin?

It reminds me of when I went to the main Hindu temple in Delhi. In the “not for tourists” part (where I of course felt led to go) I saw some plaques describing the birth of the world and life in general. It had a vaiety of information, but it contained some very interesting tid-bits – particularly:

  • In the beginning there was the “3-in-1” God
  • 1/3rd of the angels were thrown out of heaven to earth
  • those angels have names like… and they listed various names of various gods

I was astonished. This is the MAIN Hindu temple in Delhi and they KNOW that God is God. And they KNOW that they are following fallen angels. I was shocked. Their own teachings on their own plaques on their own walls in their own temple… the truth was right there.

Someday I hope to go back to that temple and talk to the head dude there and ask him, why doesn’t he worship the 3-in-1 God if he knows that there is such a God?

Someday…. someday…

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  1. PS – Diwali is fun! we had fireworks last night with my family instead of on the real diwali night. There was this really cool pellet which u set on fire and this snake-like thing comes out because of a chemical reaction. And other stuff… hehehehe.

  2. The tricky thing about non-christian scriptures pointing to Jesus is this: they point to Jesus in 1 way, and away from him in 15 other ways. That is their way of telling people they are superior. That is why christianity is perceived as a narrow and childish religion, by most hindus I know. Back when I was a hindu, I also saw christianity as a narrow and babyish religion, and considered hinduism and jainism far superior in terms of reason and logic.
    Even non-religious texts can have a way of pointing to and away from the Lord at the same time. Read Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach for one example…

    Mark, tell me which temple that was in Delhi and I will do your asking for you. lol. and next time you’re in Delhi please do say hi! The 3-in-1 God that hindus believe in is the trinity of Brahma (creator) Vishnu (sustainer) and Shiva (destroyer). According to hindu mythology they are all separately married, have kids, etc etc… their God is not like our God. I challenge you to find me any writing in the whole world, religious or non-religious, that contains as many contradictions as the hinduism. lol.

    There are 2 arguments used by hindus in this subject, that I know of. 1 is, that truth is infinite, and the sky can be red and green at the same time. And while it’s clearly rubbish, what do you answer to that? lol. The 2nd argument is that hinduism wasn’t originally a unified religion, but there are different belief systems and all of them are equally acceptable (and this makes hindus look more tolerant apparently).

    Anyway the Holy Spirit can soften any heart. I used to be a strict follower of Jainism and Jesus saved me, I am sure Buddhists, Hindus, anybody elses can be saved no matter what any non-christian scriptures say. To God be the glory!


  3. Hi Bill

    Baseball. Ok. If you’re pulling for the Tigers, then so am I.

    Thanks for all your comments.

    It’s now 4:30pm but back then it was about 2?

    Sleep well my friend,

  4. It’s the World Series of the very American sport of baseball. Kinda’ funny, isn’t it? We really to see the world through a red, white and blue filter, huh? Saint Louis Cardinals are playing the Detroit Tigers. I really don’t have a favorite.

    My under graduate degree is from a private college in the Detroit suburbs, so pull from the Tigers a little. But, I like the Cardinals too. I just enjoy watching the World Series, though I never watch baseball on television, otherwise.

    I’m just rambling along here like I’m not even tired, but I am…so, I’ll sign off for now and chatch some shut-eye. You’re probably already starting your day, aren’t you?


  5. Hmm, I knew Buddha was a Christian, altho self-control in eating was definetly not one of his virtues..but, nonetheless…great explanation and detail into sharing that info….


  6. Hi Bill

    They were celebrating Deepavali. The festival of lights.

    I had a restful weekend and I’m taking your very good advice and listening to my I’d. hehehe.

    Long hot showers. Checking out my plants. Fiddling with my fish. Praising God. That kind of thing.

    World series… ummm… I dunno. Who are you pulling for? I’ll pull for them too. What is the game by the way?

    Bless you my brother,

  7. Very interesting, Mark. There is a very large Indian / Hindu population in my area. Within the past couple of years this group purchased land and built a temple very near my home. Yesterday (Saturday) there were hunderds of people in attendance at some kind of activities there. I really don’t know what was going on, but they sure did set off a lot of fireworks. I’m going to have to spend some time learning about their beliefs.

    Oh, almost forgot. Who are pulling for in the World Series?

    Hope you have a great week, my friend!


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