Welcome to Cool Verses

This is a place I plan to copy scriptures to as often as I bump into some that catch my eye. Not really a place of teaching, just an ever-mounting pile of cool bible verses.

2 responses to “Welcome to Cool Verses

  1. Hi Diana

    You are MOST welcome to blogroll this site. Thanks!

    I looked at your readingfish site, it’s nice. I love how it’s communal. Hippie style? I see some scriptures there that I had in mind for this site too. hehehe.

    Bless you,

  2. great idea! i will check back here often, God willing.
    we have a blog at http://readingfish.wordpress.com/ for a similar purpose 🙂 that is sharing and reading scripture etc. any christian is welcome to join the group of authors and share scripture there 🙂
    so if you want just send me your email address and i’ll invite you? and let us know if we can add this website to our blogroll? 🙂

    love in Christ,

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