Men, women, sexuality, families and love

Society is changing fast. Each generation seems to be either ascending towards God or descending towards baser and baser behaviour. What do I mean? On the one we have people pushing into God more and more. It’s awesome. On the other hand the lives of people around me appears to be more and more outside the boundaries that are set in the bible.

So can I please say right up front that Jesus is Lord and we are justified by our faith in Him. God so loved the world that He sent Jesus to save us from this world. I’m not accusing anyone of anything. I cannot point a finger at anyone for anything… having done a lot of it myself. I’m not pure in my actions, but I am forgiven and justified in God’s eyes. Hallelujah.

Ok, so… on with the exploration.

It’s been a slow downhill slide for society. Have you noticed? One generation rebells by drinking, the next one takes drugs, the following one has sex as often as possible and the next messes with the occult.

Each successive generation makes the previous change normal. Check it out:

  1. In the one which dabbles with drugs, it’s because drinking is now normalized and is no longer rebellious enough.
  2. In the current generation, it’s common to have sex whenever and wherever possible, and drugs are simply called “recreational drugs”, they aren’t “bad” any more.
  3. The generation that is beginning to rise now is involved in the occult… and random sexual activity is normal and expected in any relationship from the first night onwards.

In fact I was talking to some women (50-ish?) about how common sex seems to be these days – and they explained to me that there is a kind of friendship these days that is called “friendship with priveledges”. You know what those privs are. It’s amazing to me what has changed in about only 10 years.

Inch by inch it’s a cinch

I laughed when I heard (last year) that Madonna was upset at the low values of modern society. Ah the irony! I remember well how shocked the world was as she broke one social norm/boundary after another. She started by singing about being a virgin having sex for the “very first time”. Then she wore her undies on the outside of her clothing. Then she kissed another woman. Then she sang about cross-dressing and taking drugs.

I probably missed a few milestones – but you get the picture. What other people were doing in a dark and shameful corner, she was parading publically before billions with great confidence and style. The world saw her and accepted her behaviour and copied her.

Now, a few decades later it’s no longer a shock… but Madonna is a mom now… she’s trying to raise a healthy child… and she is upset about what her kids have to face in this life. Ah the irony!

Do you know what the difference is between a conservative and a liberal? A conservative has kids. hehehe. Ah it’s so true!!

But the thing is, you might know this saying: “Inch-by-inch it’s a cinch, yard-by-yard it’s hard”. It means that if the enemy tries to make big changes (yards) then it’s hard. But if he just changes one thing (inch) per generation, then it’s a cinch.

Now Marilyn Manson and others are leading the charge into the occult.

There is a cost to the people

I don’t have kids, but one day I was trying to not look at dodgy images of women being tempting. Well… for the first time I noticed… these kinds of image are everywhere! I drove past naked pictures of women on billboards in Sydney. We have porn videos in our video shops – at kids eye level! I went up escalators with big images of teasing and tempting women at the top of the escalator. 30 seconds of that… and I can’t get away from it. Outside lingerie shops there are often ENORMOUS pictures of extremely sexy women in very nice outfits.

The thing is… how does seeing images like this…

  1. make less-than-perfect women feel?
  2. help young boys or girls to be realistic about their future partners?
  3. help men to accept their less-than-perfect wife?

This is the kind of morality that pervades our culture today.

And a cost for the one who did it

There are advertising executives who don’t care at all for marriages and children – and they show it by authorizing/buying/placing those images. The person who OKed the McDonalds advert in which the kids play with a ouiji board (which spells our maccas) – that person will be called to account for their choices during their lives. That is a very clear message in the bible.

Standing before God those executives will see the impact their greed had on lives – and they will be judged for it.

AND [Jesus] said to His disciples, Temptations (snares, traps set to entice to sin) are sure to come, but woe to him by or through whom they come!
Luke 17:1

Thank God for Jesus!

I also will be judged. I will stand before God Almighty and He’ll open that Book of Life and I will see that even my best efforts fell short of His standards. I will see how I hurt previous partners, how I abused people. I was jealous and selfish.

Then He will ask me: how do I defend my actions and choices… and I will have no defense… other than to say that Jesus died for my behaviour and that in His infinite love for me, has made a way for me. It’s not because of me or my works, but because of Him.

I see how He loves the world. I see how He wants the best for us. I’ve seen eternity – it’s wonderful. I’ve seen His glory – His presence is OVERWHELMING and the only response possible is to worship Him. I’ve read about His character in the bible. I’m 100% sure that He is our only hope.

If the world is left to itself, it will just decline. BUT we are the light of the world, He is gradually building the church up into His body and into His actual presence on earth. He is our hope. As He establishes us, because we are His body and His light to this world, we are the world’s hope. But what is required is for each of us to LIVE our lives and to LIVE OUT our dreams that He has put on our hearts.

A free gift

We can’t buy our way into heaven.
We can’t earn it.
We can’t buy a ticket and win it.
Heaven is a free gift to us.
Salvation is a free gift.
His Holy Spirit is a free gift.
Going to church is a free gift (a tithe is NOT a hidden entrance fee!)
Having fellowship at church is a free gift
It’s all free.
Jesus is the good news,
He is the hope of this world.

I challenge you to SAY NO

Am I angry? YES! My life has been ruined and I’ve lost years and years to all of this muck. My very good brother Bill wrote to me in a private email that people are thirsty (for love) and they then go up to a petrol hose and drink from it. I did that for years. I was wrong.

I had years stolen from me by this rubbish in this world. I can’t get my years back, but I can take a stand for love and against the rubbish in this world.

So I ask you… do you have enough backbone to take a stand and say “NO”? Will you complain to the lingerie shop and tell them that this advert outside is setting people you love up for a fall. Tell them that it’s hurting men, it’s hurting the young teenage girl, it’s hurting husbands and wives, it’s hurting women and causing them to be dissatisfied with their lives.

And yet… God is moving

But all of this is in contrast to the massive desire I see in people to immerse themselves in Jesus and to get close to God – and that’s exciting for us all to be involved in. Very cool.

6 responses to “Men, women, sexuality, families and love

  1. Very good post.
    “we’re hungry for love and we drink petrol”
    God, how I wish it weren’t but it’s so true. Behind every addiction is a legitimate need. How terribly hard it is to spit out the petrol and detox it out of our souls and then latch on to love pure love. But infinitely worth it. And this life is just a preview. In so many ways, our time on this earth is about walking with God and letting him detox the petrol out of our souls. So he can feast our souls in Heaven.

  2. This is exactly where my heart has been lately. I see where the world is rubbing off on my kids, and my prayer gets more fervent. God have mercy on this and the next generation if there is one.
    Thanks Mark!

  3. I think its more than knowing the truth. Its letting that truth seep deep down beneath the surface. And I hope I didn’t paint it as a “zap” experience. Believe you me, I screwed up a lot.

    I thought marriage would solve the problem and it didn’t. Fortunately, my wife was there for me. It was her unconditional love the pushed me forward.

    Second, I think exposing the sin and just being transparent really helped. I found out that I am not the only one, and that my facade would come crashing down with the intensity of the light.

    Thanks again Mark. I appreciate your comment.

  4. Good Post. Stay hungry and stay close to His heart and continue to stand by His grace and For His greater Glory, Honor and Praise!

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  5. awesome post. so so true. cant i just have a constant link on the top of my blog saying “go here” lol
    great stuff mark thank you


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