Thank You Lord for a victory

Our God is a loyal God. A kind God. One who heals! If you have something in your life to thank Him for then join me right now in thanking Him for healing us.

Over the weekend a visiting teacher who has the gift of prophecy said that many people were looking at my life and saying to themselves ‘where is your God?’ (perhaps because of my intense need for healing). He told me that God will come through for me and I will be vindicated for trusting Him.

Thank You Lord that last night You reached into me and healed a lonely, lost inner child – and this morning I woke up feeling new.

The steps to the change

I had spent a day or two confessing that I believe that His blood *can* purify my body AND my conscience (Heb 9:13-14) and cleansing and renewing the inner man (Heb 9:9).

I confessed this passionately over and over (passionately, but He said not to ‘beg’ or be ‘desperate’).

I began to pray for a renewing of my heart:

For out of the heart come evil thoughts (reasonings and disputings and designs) such as murder, adultery, sexual vice, theft, false witnessing, slander, and irreverent speech. – Matthew 15:19

I went through 4 clear steps:

  1. I wanted to change and I asked God to show me the solution
  2. I began to ask for the renewing of my heart
  3. I prayed for hidden internal damage to be saved, healed and redeemed
  4. I confessed that Jesus is able to keep His promises that He made in His bible

And He responded – check it out…

Healing and change

Last night I had a vivid dream where an inner troubled Mark was lovingly and gently reached out to by Someone. As that troubled Mark reached back, he left me and I woke up feeling new, different and quite simply just… ME! 🙂

I have spent the day today enjoying trouble-free thoughts and peace. As I end my day I know God now has more access to me than ever before. I feel cleaner and clearer than ever before. I have a quiet and persistent feeling that things are going to trend up – that I’m at the bottom of a long, gentle upward curve.

I have ‘peace’ in my inner being. So many dreams now feel like they will begin to bear fruit – that is ‘hope’. The fruits of joy and love will come in time.

Day one of the rest of my life

God is such a good God. And this experience just reconfirms to me that entering into all that Christ has done for me (by faith… meaning that if I say I believe it then it’s true for me!), that is the single best path to healing that I have EVER found.

In practice that means reading and UNDERLINING the parts of Romans, Colossians and Hebrews that say that He will heal me. Reading it out loud and stating that it’s true and asking God to move because Jesus HAS made the way clear between me and my Father in heaven.

And He moved. Looking back, He knew this was coming and He had already prepared the ground over several days and so He simply moved in and redeemed and saved that troubled part of me.

Resting now

I *would* run out into the streets and shout out what He has done for me, BUT I’m tired and it’s 2am and I’m just enjoying the peace. hehehe.

As I end this post in which I’m worshipping Jesus for what He did on the cross for me… I also want to deeply thank *every* person who has prayed for me. We are a body and we all need each other. I benefitted from your prayers. Thank you.

Although this big victory came now, I know there is much growth still and I must not rush. There is no rush.

9 responses to “Thank You Lord for a victory

  1. Mark, you’re such a bright light… your words about forgiveness really are the words of.. a christian 🙂

    I was thinking about something Jesus said before he was betrayed. He said “this night the shepherd will be struck, and the flock will be scattered. But when I am raised up, I will go before you to Galilee.”
    That’s such a powerful forgiveness verse, Jesus said that he would be deserted by all his disciples in his hour of betrayal, but he has already forgiven them and will take up his life again and lead them to what they have to do next… it just kills me. So there is our sin of leaving Jesus alone when he is taken away to suffer for us, and his forgiveness to bear the cross for us and die for us while we are still sinners, and come back to receive those who deserted him…

    Forgiveness opens so many doors for us in our walk with God. He makes all things new… 🙂

  2. Hi Arawn

    > But can we expect humans to forgive? Those we have
    > wronged? Not once, but many times?

    That’s up to them I guess. There’s not much you can do if they won’t. The only person in my life that I can influence and control is… me. I can’t control anyone else.

    The bible only speaks about ME forgiving people, it doesn’t tell me that I have to somehow make them forgive me. The bible says it’s healthy for me to forgive.

    To my knowledge I have asked forgiveness and apologised to everyone (that I’m aware of) who I have hurt. Very few have done the same to me… apologized for how they wronged me.

    And in some cases we’ve apologized to each other BUT common sense still tells me that it’s safer for both of us to NOT resume the relationship. Good boundaries. We’d only hurt each other again you know?

    Forgiveness is releasing the other person from what they have done. That’s all. It’s a prayer like this: “Lord, they hurt me and abused me many times, but I want You Lord to release them from their debts to me for this hurt”. That’s all. It’s sensible to protect yourself. You don’t have to take them back right away, or at all.

    You know, if someone I have hurt was to point the finger at me and accuse me of hurting them, I be astonished at their own lack of integrity. Have they not hurt someone? Have they not lied? We’re all broken. We all sin.

    Jesus said: let the first one who has not sinned be the one to cast the first stone. I can’t throw the stone. Who else can?

    Forgiveness is good for US. Whether the other person forgives is up to them.

    Bless you,

  3. The question, of course, is whether a human being can be expected to forgive. If there are sins, of body and soul, the Lord can forgive is his infinite wisdom and mercy. But can we expect humans to forgive? Those we have wronged? Not once, but many times?

  4. I imagine that worship like this tickles angels’ feet and puts a smile on our dear Lord’s face. It warms me my soul.

    Out of your inner struggles and obvious pain has come a living testimony that God is good. Thank you for giving me these pleasant thoughts with which I can end my day in peace.

    God bless you,

  5. Mark,
    I am SO joyful to read this testimony, praise the Lord you sound healed for sure! You have always been a blessing to me, and with this confession that there were parts of you “unhealed” and testifying that the Lord has moved and acted for a son again,, you just continue to be a blessing to me everyday.
    God bless you brother,

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