Will you pray for a revival in the middle east?

Some visitors will know that I’ve been to Israel and some surrounding countries several times. I’ve begun to learn a teeny bit of Arabic. To women I’d say “salaam alai-ki” to men “salaam alai-k” and to a group

I’m passionate about the whole world, but in some way my heart is destined for this region for sure. I’m eager to go, but I know I’m nowhere near ready to go. Not by myself anyway.

In my readings I’ve noticed something quite amazing.


Christianity came to Korea through only two missionaries, but the growth of Christianity beyond that has been entirely the work of Koreans (and of the Holy Spirit who is growing the church and of Jesus Christ as the head of the church). Now the largest church in the whole world is in Korea.


Christianity was all but snuffed out during the Boxer Rebellion. But it came back to China through a single woman and it spread to the Chinese and they (the Chinese) ran with it. Brother Yun does a wonderful job of explaining how the Chinese church grew to it’s present wonderful state of intensity and passion.

How Christianity should spread

Christianity is a religion that highly values love and that is why it spreads from person to person.

Christianity cannot and should never spread by conquest. The crusades were a terrible blight on our history and to be fair, they were not Christians and it wasn’t Christianity. It was done by people in Rome who were selling forgiveness and who had totally suppressed the bible – they burned people at the stake if they had bibles in their own language. It was not Christianity – and yet I find myself always apologizing for it when I talk to moslem people. Sigh.

0-400 AD… ahhh those were the days!

In the first 400 years AD Christianity had spread rapidly and the bible had been lovingly hand-written translated into 50 languages. Then the “church” jumped onto this miracle and snuffed it out. By AD 500 the bible was only available in one language: latin. Therefore only the educated could read God’s word. Gradually the light went out of the world and the “dark ages” ensued. The middle ages were pretty rough too.

Eventually the bible was restored to the people through the brave work of some men from the 1400’s and Martin Luther in the 1500’s and onwards. Order was also restored to Europe by the 1500’s as well. Coincidence?

Could it be that with the word of God back in the hands of people, in their own language, they had light in their hands, they could read about a loving God, about morality, about modesty, about God’s intentions and how to get free through Christ’s death etc. and Christianity flourished once again.

And my point is… that we must not allow Christianity to be squashed in the middle east (like it was in the Boxer Rebellion). That is surely is the goal of the enemy. The rest of the world is free to choose their religion and the 10/40 window is the last remaining area in which free choice of religion is not permitted.

The local people did it

Let me say again: all it took was two missionaries to Korea and one to China. The local people did the rest. In china the locals are literally trained to convert their arresting police officer. They can do it, what we need to do is support them in prayer.

We do not need war. It is not a part of our culture to spread by war and conquest. It never has been and I pray it never will be. That is the sole reason why I delayed this post for so long – to ensure that no one misunderstands this. I’m NOT trying to drum up support for any political person.

I’m trying to drum up prayer support for the church in the middle east, that is all. Will you pray with me if I write some prayers?

The middle east

In my visits I found out that 11% of palestinians are Christian. Most taxi drivers that I bumped into were Christians. One man particularly comes to mind. He was on the edge of begging me to help him and his family – he gets no support from Israel and no support from Moslems. What should he do if I (a western Christian) won’t support him. I’ll never forget the feeling of desperation. As I forced myself to walk away from his taxi my head and heart werecrying out “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE”.

When I visited Egypt/Sinai I found that20 % were Christian. Far out! Come on. We may not all be able to get in a plane and go there, but we can pray. We can ask the Holy Spirit to build His Church there. We can ask Jesus to intereced at the right hand of the Father for the people there. We can ask for salvations.

Remember, from just one or two missionaries and a LOT of prayer the Holy Spirit moved and changed two entire countries.

If you doubt that we are expected to pray for people in need, then consider this bible verse which shows how God feels when we don’t pray for those in need:

I looked, but there was no one to help,
I was appalled that no one gave support;

so My own arm worked salvation for me,
and My own wrath sustained me.
Isaiah 63:5

Without a shadow of doubt God CAN intervene, but He expects us to intervene (for example by praying) first. If we don’t, He is appalled.

And I’ll add this verse too

And if you pour out that with which you sustain your own life for the hungry and satisfy the need of the afflicted, THEN shall your light rise in darkness, and your obscurity and gloom become like the noonday. – Is 58:10

Will you pray with me?

Before the Welsh Revival Jonathan Edwards asked Jesus for 100,000 souls. He then “saw” Jesus present a check to His Father for 100,000 souls. AT LEAST 100,000 people were saved in the revival that came afterwards.

So many times God has sent me to this psalm, to these verses…

Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage,
and the ends of the earth your possession.
Ps 2:8

If God gives me the words for prayer, I will post some prayers here. I’d like to know if people will stand with me in prayer for the people in this region. If you’re in favor, leave a comment on this post please, so I know.

4 responses to “Will you pray for a revival in the middle east?

  1. I am also in general agreement with your post. I, being the kind of person I am, also noted some incorrect statements. So forgive me from mentioning, well , I will only mention one of them, for I agree with the general spirit of your posting, I really do.

    ” By AD 500 the bible was only available in one language: latin.”

    In truth, there was also the coptic Bible, the Greek bible and Peshita or Syrian Bible and others as well, at least partials of the scriptures, in various dialets and languages. While in the scope of your post this may seem petty and forgive if this is so, however, I do think we should try be as accurate as we can when making generalized statements. I struggle with this myself, so I guess this would be why I even noticed this.

    Please, have a blessed Thanksgiving and Blessings in Christ Jesus!

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