The only thing I ever stole

Last week I stole from a cinema. You know those pieces of paper that tell you that you have to keep your ticket? I wanted one of those. So I took it off the door and walked out with it.

Why? Well, it also says on it “only one person admitted” (for each ticket) and I wanted to put that on my toilet door. hehehe. Can you see it? Only one person admitted and you simply MUST keep your ticket at all times. Muhahahahaha!

But the thing is, I had stolen something. I can’t remember ever actually stealing from a store before. And it bugged me and bugged me and bugged me. It looked great on my toilet door and it’s funny. But… but…

So today I took it back to the cinema. I stood in line. I went to the counter. I wanted the women who had just finished in front of me to move away – but she took her sweeeeeeet time about it. I mumbled to the lady behind the counter. The women behind the counter looked at me like I was nuts. I tried to rephrase and explain. She looked deeply concerned.

Oh dear, this was not going well. So I just came out with it: “Last week I stole this from inside cinema 1 and I’m sorry”. She took it. She looked at it. She smiled. She said: “thanks for bringing it back”.

I walked out feeling massively embarrased. hehehe. But I felt better too.

Tonight, in a short while (at a different cinema!) I’m going to see The Nativity Story. The trailers are here.

3 responses to “The only thing I ever stole

  1. Well done for taking it back Mark :). Sometimes things like that can seem so small and harmless, and we try to convince ourselves they’re not really sins – but in truth they are just as much as any other sin!

    Hope you’re doing well and thanks for your recent comment on my blog. May the Lord bless you abundantly this new month!


    Hi Emily. I love your blog. You’ve been gone too long! You were missed. 🙂

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