All about the new theme

I tried the Banana smoothie theme, but it’s too hard to read the words and I stuffed around for a long time trying the custom edit the CSS… but it’s all by hand here on WP. No visual editor. It’s nearly impossible to change the width of columns and use up more of the space in the page. Sigh.

So I bumped into this them AND IT’S A WINNER!!!

Then I uploaded a custom header – that is not me, but it captures how I feel on the inside (more and more) these days. It’s great to be alive!

Why the new theme?

Well, here in Aussie it’s SUMMER (!) and I’m loving it.

I’m developing my “summer lifestyle” which includes

  • sitting outside under my pergola (a lot),
  • fiddling in the garden,
  • feeding the birds while they are around,
  • protecting birds from my cats,
  • fiddling with my outdoors things like the pond,
  • wearing sandals and shorts (a lot) and
  • making juices and smoothies at every available opportunity. Breakfast. Lunch. Supper. After supper.

This is my “summer lifestyle” and I’m loving it. (Now I’m looking forward to seeing what my winter lifestyle will be like?! Hmmm…)


2 responses to “All about the new theme

  1. Hey Mark, nice theme… 😉 I keep looking for different ones, but keep coming back to this same one. BTW, you can customize the CSS if you’re up to it. It costs a little, but that way you’d be able to adjust everything to make widths change, etc. Also, BTW, I’m not much of a fan of using main pictures that aren’t of me. I thought that was you until you mentioned it wasn’t… but that only works for this exact post. If on another one, or in a little while when this post is further down the page, then it’s not so obvious. But, it’s your blog… “Do whatchya wanna do!” 😉

    Hi Toby. I fiddled and fiddled with the CSS, but when you change this one thing, all those other things break. Gah.

  2. Glad you are enjoying getting into the swing of your summer-time routines. At this very moment it is 26 degrees fahrenheit here in Delaware.

    BTW, I do like this new look.


    Thanks Bill!

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