My apologies to you

I’ve been so slack lately. I haven’t been replying to your comments. I’m sorry. Forgive me? I’vegone and replied to the last 20 comments -my comments are BOLD INLINE. So just scroll down and find the comments in the sidebar and look for your name. Because my comments are inline, you won’t see my name – just yours.

God gave me a free lounge suite last night. Woooo! It was the only remaining thing that is missing from my house – having given everything away. When I get the (free!) lounge suite I’ll have a full compliment again. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD? Then I just need a change of car and the revamp is complete! I gave everything away – in faith – and I never lacked anything. I sat on my lounge carpet for a while, but that’s it!

The other night God directly spoke a challenge to me: “Will you accept your identity?” And I knew He was saying this next year will be big and exciting – but I have to be bold and fearless, like he told Joshua to be. I knew it’s about laying aside my sad past and just walking boldly.He gave these verses to encourage me:

I’m really coming through now and I’m really beginning to enjoy life and I’m full of hope. So… it’s going to be fun! Thank you for visiting. Thanks for being faithful. I pray you’re blessed out of your socks.

BTW – I’ve changed the theme a-gain and this one works better I think. What do you think? I wish it had custom headers though (hint hint hint WP!) – and the second sidebar is groovy, but you can’t actually put widgets in it… so it’s kinda useless (hint hint hint WP!). But WP rocks and I’m sticking with them.

4 responses to “My apologies to you

  1. Well, I don’t really know what’s going on in your life right now, but it sounds exciting, and you are trusting God, so it’s got to be great!!

    Bless you.

    Hi Mary Anne. It’s a time of renewal, different seasons and change. God is good. And your Christian photos are LOVELY!

  2. Your past no longer defines who you are, Mark. Isn’t that a blast?

    Hi brother. Yeah I’m not defined by it any more, but it’s a big influence I guess. It will shrink over time as my life becomes more “ME-NOW” and less “ME-THEN”? Cool.

  3. I really like the look of things here, my friend.

    Thanks so much, also, for your sensitivity to the feelings of your blogging family. Not that I speak for everyone, but…I think it is safe to say that we all understand. I really appreciate the excellent work you are doing here, my friend. You are a blessing to many!

    Grace to you,

    Hi Bill. My “blogging family” has collective “feelings”. I knew that, but I didn’t consciously realize it. That’s so cool. I wonder if blogging is the realization of the “emergent” church?

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