The facets and shades and colors of people

I saw a woman today. She was walking along the road chatting to another woman. Gesticulating. Smiling.

I have seen her around over the years, but I haven’t seen her like this (exuding life and happiness) for many years. She looked so different. I had to wrack my memory – back to those very early memories when I first met her. She was uncomplicated back then.

I drove on, thinking about her. She looks like such a nice person. Fresh. Lovely. Uncomplicated again. In my head it was like I had a wrong image of her.

As the day has gone on, I’ve realized two things:

firstly, *I* have changed. Now I see different things in people, because *I* am different.

And secondly I have realized what what God said so many years ago is true “she is not who you think she is”. I never forgot those words. And it’s so true.

It’s possible that it wasn’t the same woman I met all those years ago. Even if it wasn’t, it was a nice trip down memory lane.

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