To thank all the church volunteers, the leaders of the church asked me to design a way to suspend and release 150 balloons – on cue. With the help of Craig and Tibor we came up with this little beauty (below).


So there I was. Pulling the release cord. It jammed. I gulped. It loosed and slid easily across… but nothing fell ou… and then it POURED out onto the people. I had expected a measly dribble out of one of the edges… but it fair POURED out from the middle – and it was wonderful.

The people all laughed and smiled and hit the balloons around for the whole duration of this song:

The Freedom We Know


One response to “Balloons

  1. Great Pics, you never did say what camera you take your pics with.

    PS, I love the rip-cord effect…just the thought of being showered with balloons makes me smile!


    The balloon pics were done on a friend’s camera phone. Nothing special. On flikr the pic of max (my cat) was done by Geoff using his super amazing gadgetry. Almost all of the other images, for example of Manly beach in Sydney were done on my Samsung Digimax i5 which is for novices (holiday snaps) and takes excellent pics at 5 megapixels. It did videos too. And had brilliant light metering.

    Unfortunately I lost the camera on my recent trip to the Sinai. Bummer.

    I wasn’t under the balloon shower, but I watched it. It was a big surprise. I planned and designed for it, but I didn’t expect it to ACTUALLY be so perfect.

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