Becoming the Willing Vessel

This is a really deep and profound and good post: Becoming the Willing Vessel. Here are some highlights:

the effects of his plans, and the workings of His Will are so far reaching that we could not possibly understand how one act of obedience could affect a whole world.

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Yield, Trust and Know He is GOD and that He will do it. Just be a willing vessel. Mary was. She was young, conceived The Christ by the Holy Ghost. She had no idea what HIS life would do to this world. Just be a willing vessel. Thats all we need to do.

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I also hope that this serves as a word of caution for those who have received a God PROMISE, and is going somewhere, but not quite sure how its all gonna work out. Don’t push. And don’t run. The bible tells us to WALK by Faith. And that means, walk step by step, as He illuminates the way.

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Take the time to savor the journey,

It’s a great post and I encourage you to read it in it’s fulness.