A deepening perspective

Another wonderful thing is coming out. A week or two back God challenged me. He said “will you accept your identity?” I cautiously said yes.

For a long time my life has been coming into view. The hurts. The experiences. The trauma. The stuff. I wondered WHY. How could He let it happen. Why is my experience of life so radically different to others?

During this time of not blogging, I’ve been growing in insight into this world and where humanity fits into it. I see our fallenness and I see the love of God for us. Slowly… slowly… the bible’s message is becoming clearer to me.

The gifts that I’ve had most of my life – which usually have been a burden – have now become something that I see are actually gifts for the people around me. Now that I’m growing strong, I can handle them. I can run and not get tired so easily. I still get tired very fast, but not as fast as before.

As usual, each spiritual growth spurt was preceded by a challenge. As I faced the challenge and then made my choice to follow the simplicity of the bible, the simplicity of the message of love… then I’d come through and receive more of God.

I usually find myself in a dry place for a while and I feel like God is absent. Then I find myself facing a source of water, but the water doesn’t match up to what the bible says the water would be like. Will I drink it? I am thirsty. Will I drink, or refuse it… because this water is not like what the bible said it would be? But I’m so thirsty.

I refused the counterfeit in Jerusalem and I was rewarded. I faced the same a few months ago and was rewarded. I faced it on the weekend and refused it… and once again I am feeling like God is sharing with me. I’m getting greater perspectives on Jesus and the bible and on the promises He made and how we can receive them all.

I also know that He wants me to share them on this blog. He said to me “what is the use of salt that has lost it’s saltiness” and I replied “it is worthless”. He said “what is the use of a prophet who won’t prophesy?” (this is surely also a challenge to someone else reading this)

I struggle with that word “prophet”… because I can’t tell the future! Isn’t that what prophets do? I’ve heard so many people say things that simply don’t happen that I think we should return to stoning false prophets. hehehe.

Then I saw this verse (1 Cor 12:29) in which the Amplified uses the original language to define a prophet as someone who is “inspired to interpret of the will and purposes of God“. I’m waaaay more comfortable with that. You want an opinion on what’s up? Yeah I can do that! Opinions on what the bible is saying to us today in our lives? Dude… I’ve got tons of those. hehehe.

3 responses to “A deepening perspective

  1. Mark good post, real, transparent, good. As for labels, they are not as important as our simply and humbly being obedient unto our Savior and Lord.

    In truth, we are all, who are in Christ Jesus, called to prophesy, to say what he is saying, to do what he is doing, for his greater glory, honor and praise, aren’t we?

    Anyway, thank you for your sharing and please have a genuine and very merry Christmas!

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  2. Recently, while attending a conference in California, USA, one of our participative learning exercises involved taking a circumspect view of our lives in an effort to “see” how God was at work in our lives.

    We were specifically looking at the gifts Jesus gave to the church: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. We were asked to list the names of people we believe God is working through in these various roles to help shape our lives. I listed you in the area of God’s prophets.

    I’m NOT exactly sure how this all works. But, I am sure that your influence through this blog has touched my life is such a way that I’ve been able to see God and God’s revealed will more clearly. That’s precisely what prophets do, my friend!

    Something that has helped me get this straight in my thinking is to remember that the Hebrew word from whence prophet comes is “NABI”, which literally means to bubble forth as from a fountain. Thus, a prophet is not a foreteller but a forthteller for God.

    Blessings to you, my friend!

    Hi Bill. Thanks for these words, bubbling up is exactly how it feels when I blog. Thank you also for all your kind words during 2006. I hope to get to know you (and others) much more in 2007. God bless you! – Mark.

  3. Hey Mark,

    Glad to hear that things of the Bible are slowly fitting more into place for you, and that you’re discovering more about us as humans and God – I’ve been doing the same this year. Keep going strong! Keep learning and yearning for God and He will not disappoint. The man that seeks after wisdom with all his heart will find it.

    That’s a good description of a prophet. We have some excellent teachers of prophecy in our church and they describe prophecy as hearing from the heart of God and communicating it to His people – and thus a prophet is someone who hears from God and tells what he has heard to the Church.

    God bless you Mark and I’ll keep you in my prayers. Hope you enjoy this season of Christmas!


    Hi Emily. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love the smiley pic on your “about” page on your blog. Thanks for visiting, thanks for your kind words and definitely thank you for praying for me. I’ll lift you up to Him too. Sounds like you go to a good solid church. Merry Christmas to you! – Mark.

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