BING! 400 posts.

I remember way back in March 2006 when I felt I should begin blogging. My head was pulled so far into my shell that I never ever could have expected that things could have turned out so wonderfully. Then when I felt God was encouraging me to really get vulnerable and share my thoughts and story and growth… I thought He had really lost it this time.

But since March I’ve met so many wonderful online friends. Some come, some go, some hang around… it’s just like real life! hehehe.

I’ve learned so much about me and my style and my value (through the eyes of others as they reflect into my life). I’ve learned so much about my blogging friends, their style and their tremendous ability to speak into my life with great value.

We all underestimate what we have to give to each other. Our honesty and vulnerability and acceptance is like gold in the life of another hurting human being.

I’ve especially learned a lot about the posts that God blesses (the ones about love and about emotional healing). I’ve learned that the more I give of myself, the more I am accepted and valued. It’s really not what I expected!

To hide our lives is to hide under a bushel or to live in a cupboard. To reveal ourselves and step out is to take a big risk, but it reveals the epistle that He is writing in our very lives. Don’t hide the wonderful story that is unfolding in your life, even if that story is a sad one. So is almost everyone else’s story… so yours is something they will relate to and understand!

I never would have imagined a nobody like me would ever have the ability to write 400 posts!

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So thank you to everyone who visits and speaks into my life.

Thank you especially to anyone who takes the time to hold me up to God in prayer, may God bless you abundantly for takng the time in your day to care for me.

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  1. AWESOME stuff! Congratulations Mark 🙂 God bless you. You know you have really blessed me with your writings and otherwise, I’m excited to read you to 500 and 800 and 1000 posts.. 🙂

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