Guy Muse (found through Missionary Blog Watch)

I found Guy through Missionary Blog Watch (which is also in my blogroll).

Check out some of his posts!

10 questions out of Luke 10

Things Jesus Never Said To Do

The church in your house

Those questionable churches being planted overseas!

Our vision and strategy (woooot!!!)

Why after 2000 years we are still not even close to fulfilling the Great Commission

Street church

… The only problem was that their house is tiny and no way for the 30+ people to all fit inside–hence they meet out on the sidewalk. All on the edge of a busy 4-lane city street! When we arrived at 5:30 they were just setting up plastic chairs on the sidewalk. Cars, buses and people were rushing by. The noise level was incredibly high and distracting. I kept wondering how do they have “church” in this kind of environment? …

Why do so many of our church plants fail?

Frontier Theology: Are you a SETTLER or a PIONEER? (woooot!!!)

THE HOLY SPIRIT IN SETTLER THEOLOGY–the Holy Spirit is a saloon girl. Her job is to comfort the settlers. They come to her when they feel lonely or when life gets dull or dangerous. She tickles them under the chin and makes everything O.K. again.

IN PIONEER THEOLOGY–the Holy Spirit is the buffalo hunter. He rides along with the wagon train and furnishes fresh, raw meat for the pioneers. The buffalo hunter is a strange character–sort of a wild man. The pioneers never can tell what he will do next. He scares the hell out of the settlers.

Dialogue with a visiting volunteer

Of the 4-5 house churches we relate to where they did name an official ‘pastor’, all are suffering right now. Not because they called a pastor, but becuase the church looks to their named ‘pastor’ as the one to do all the work of teaching, leading, evangelism, preaching, etc.

Everyone of these pastors has come to me complaining that they cannot get the church to do the ‘work of ministry’. They expect the pastor to do everything (sound familiar?) Quite a number have even left because their ‘pastor’ was not as dynamic and educated as some of the others around in the more established churches. The work of “being the church” has been replaced by “going to church.”

This is fantastic stuff, I highly recommend reading and digesting his hard won biblically-based wisdom. It talks to me right where I am in my walk with the Holy Spirit.

One response to “Guy Muse (found through Missionary Blog Watch)

  1. Hello mark,
    I laugh hard reading the Settler or Pioneer part!
    We pioneers do scare people, yes, indeed we do!

    If only we would stop playing church and start being the living, breathing ,Body of Christ sent out into ALL the world with the Gospel and LOVE of Jesus Christ!

    It’s too easy to settle in and get comfortable while all around people are dying from thirst for the living water found in Christ Jesus that we keep hidden.

    Bless you Mark!

    oh, ps… you have been tagged! I couldn’t get the links right on the post but… YOU”RE IT!

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