Answered prayers

So this one I am especially excited about. I’ve written in the past about how I’ve changed the way I pray. I’ve managed to get a bunch of the scriptures that seem contradictory (God is in control and He knows all our needs, ask Him, be persistent to receive) and melded them together through the explanations that He has given me. I’ve blogged on this a few times.

The acid test was always going to be weight loss. For the skinny folk out there, weight loss is hard because it goes to the heart of a person’s identity, their need for comfort and pleasure during a time of pain or stress. For me it’s being overweight that causes me to feel blah, which makes me feel down, which makes me want to eat to pick myself up. See the conundrum?

So when I began to pay in my new way (to lift up to Him my needs and leave them with Him, while simply reminding Him to establish Jerusalem… as it says) I have found I have had massive and dramatic results.

You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes … Mark… – Isaiah 62:6-7

You might know that I got a new house, I got all the stuff in the house that I’ve always wanted, I gave away all my old furniture and He gave me more. Some was free, some was $70 (for maybe $1000 worth of outdoor furniture!) and my house is a home!

Then I knew the car must go. But I couldn’t really afford to lease another care (I felt) so I just left it in His hands and occassionally reminded Him to “establish Jerusalem”. And do you know what? On Friday night a Christian family sold their MAGNIFICENT car to me for cheap as chips. He has blessed me with a stupendous car. A family car (with baby seat hooks… ahem… ummm…) and it’s an unbelievable ride with Pioneer surround sound speakers and 4 new mag wheels and new exhaust. COME ON! How good is God?

And then I went into gym today. I’ve been going to gym for a week and I’ve been able to modify my eating behaviour last week. I’ve tried and tried to lose weight over the years, but to no avail. But in one week I’ve lost 0.7kgs (1.5 pounds) and 3 cms around my waist! Woot! Woot! COME ON! This is huge, I’ve lost weight! YEAH!

5 responses to “Answered prayers

  1. Great testimony, but it wasn’t clear to me why you felt you had to get rid of your car, God will let you have a car for transportation, and He gave you a good one.

    • Yeah Cheryl. That car was a part of my past – at that time. God even asked me to get rid of my old clothes too. Later I got rid of my lounge suite too. A complete clean out of the past. It was hard to do, but good I think. To make a clean fresh start.

  2. Hey Hey! Yes Mark. Amen and Amen, God is good. I celebrate your weight lost, and the house full of furniture! I know it was definetly a leap of faith for you to move into that house with none of your old (personal) stuff and I’m so happy to see how God provides in your life.

    PS, Congrats too onthe car. I know you’ve been believing for one too. Mags and a stereo? Well well.

    PS, I’m just filled with joy about the baby hooks.

    *Smile and wink*

    Smile and wink back at ya! *bump* – Mark.

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