Australia Day 2007

Friday was Australia Day. I’ve been living in Aussie for 7 years now and yet this was the first year I had a great day with mates. Life has been kinda tough until last year… and WHAT a great day it was!

The four of us (all males) drove to Sydney (about 2.5 hours away) and walked on the beach, I buried my friend’s son in the sand, we walked and talked, they took a dip in the freezing water, we ate and had oodles of fun. Then we went to the Third Day concert and I worshipped my little heart out. At one point while I worshipped I remembered being in the same stadium (Hillsong) exactly 2 years before… and I could see just how far God had brought me in those two years. I doubled my heart felt worship of God.

We drove home, the other two sleeping on the back seat and Mike and I becoming closer and deeper friends as we chatted about relationships and our life experiences. What a great Australia Day.

Here’s a true-blue and Aussie icon: Rolf Harris!

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