A new season, my purpose is changing

I went to bed last night at 2am. I had read my last post The living water of Christ’s love many many times over. I got home and read it again, over and over. I read it this morning, over and over. Something changed for me after that post. A season ended. A new one has begun.

That post is the pinnacle of decades of experience all rolled into one loooong read. After 450+ blog posts where so often I had no idea what I would be writing about, all 450 came into focus as I wrote that post.

The posts about getting where I’ve been, the posts about getting free from sin/law/death, the posts about dealing with pornography and addiction, abut warfare (what works, what doesn’t), the posts about the need to be spiritually clean, the posts about loving others and loving yourself… all 450 led to this one post The living water of Christ’s love.

I understand that people may disagree with my conclusions, that is fine. They aren’t my conclusions, they are real applied experience. This whole blog is a before-and-after story. The story is completed now.

I’ve blogged about how to biblically have faith for something and I blogged it real-time. Readers SAW day by day how God provided. I blogged about how to get clean and readers saw as I got clean. I blogged about how to PRACTICALLY come into His Presence and readers were able to read about what happened when I and others did come into His Presence.

I have shared my life in high definition practical detail and have explained what it was like before and I’ve shown what it is like after. I didn’t hide any gory details. I quoted the bible thousands of times to ensure that it was all scriptural. It’s all there. It’s up to you now. I love the fact that we all have free will and free choice.

At this change in my life I will try even more to SHOW that what Jesus taught IS the right way. I’m remembering a vision I once saw.

God showed me the way forward in this simple vision. I saw myself holding someone in a loving embrace, a hug, and as I did that, the power of God flowed down through them and washed them clean. Whoosh!

I’ve written it out here in this blog. I’ve shared testimonies that say that it really works and it’s biblical.

Writing still more words won’t do it. Arguing is a waste of time. I believe (and it’s my experience) that people mainly learn by observation. Words are interesting, but what they see and experience is what changes lives. People have to SEE it to believe it.

I don’t know what is next for me. Maybe it’s time for me to actually DO more of the stuff, so more people can SEE that what Jesus said is exactly true.

So… I don’t know when next I will blog again. It may be a day, a week or a month. If I begin a new blog, I’ll post the URL here.

As of now, this post The living water of Christ’s love appears to be what the Holy Spirit started this blog for. Any post beyond that one takes away and dilutes and hides the truth of that post.


6 responses to “A new season, my purpose is changing

  1. Mark,

    I’m sad. I have enjoyed so much of this vessel. I however have gotten a similar word from our Lord. I will be closing down and seeking for a time, yet reading and responding when lead. My prayers and His blessings to you.

    Also, I just thought I might share a word with you.

    Regarding praying for others. I have found this to be true, When going before the throne on behalf of others, I have always found that it is best to not know too many details regarding the request. This has “skewed” if you will, the direction the Spirit may be leading as far as how to pray (of course we need to be praying for God’s will) for people.

    In fact, there have been times when I was lead NOT to pray, but to Praise and thank our Lord for the outcome in faith, as I acknowledged Him, He directed my paths.

    I have learned to always seek our Lord to show me and lead me on how pray for others, many times knowing absolutely no details at all (divine discernment by way of the Spirit of God). He is faithful in all things and He will be faithful to you as you take time away.

    May His peace and wisdom become more of you, as you continue to become more and more Christlike.

    Bless you Mark.

    His servant,

    Hi sandi. Don’t give up just yet. I’m very excited about what is next. More details at 9!

  2. I have been reading, too. I have learned much from you and your experience. Thank you for sharing these honestly and without prejudice. We all need this.
    Prayers for you and wherever His footsteps lead you,


    God bless you Neva.

  3. Is this goodbye? 😦

    I trust God will use you and bless you in whatever you do for his glory – He is so faithful!

    In Christ’s love,

    Not goodbye, I’m so looking forward to reading your upcoming posts which God has encouraged you about writing. Not goodbye, just a change. God bless you! – Mark.

  4. Mark,

    I came into your story in media res. But I have been blessed by your candid writing. Your heart for the Lord seems to just reach through cyberspace and touch us all. For this I am deeply appreciative.

    My hope and desire is that you will continue to share your life as a Christian with us here. I would love to read the stories of your life lighting the world around you.

    Regardless, you will be in my prayers, as always. And, if our paths never cross here on the earth, I’ll meet you in the sky!


    Thanks Bill. Perhaps I will write more here, who knows?! I just don’t feel as if MORE WORDS is what we need. But I won’t be a stranger, I’ll be popping my friends blogs, that’s for sure. And someday we’ll meet… I’m sure of it. I look forward to your book review and reading what your thoughts are. God bless you – Mark.

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