How Jesus walked (Part 2)

This is a three part series:

  1. How Jesus walked (Part 1)
  2. How Jesus walked (Part 2)
  3. What if you were filled with the Holy Spirit? (Part 3)

Please read the FIRST part FIRST. ūüėÄ

Then read on…
I was seeing loud and clear that in the life of Jesus, in order to be approachable to the people, the supernatural is the exception, natural behaviour that people can relate to is the rule.

He had the Holy Spirit without measure, but unlike modern big churches, He didn’t surround Himself with armed guards. Why? Because He had the Holy Spirit without measure! If your words could knock people over (Jn 18:5-6) you’d have no need of guards either!

Why didn’t He take extra money and clothing with Him? Because He had the Holy Spirit without measure. If you could get money from the mouth of a fish (Matt 17:27) you’d feel pretty secure too! hehehe.

Why could He simply walk calmly between the crowd as they wanted to push Him off the edge. In other words, why didn’t He COMMAND! them etc. Because He had the Holy Spirit without measure! If your mere presence moved people aside so you can walk amongst the, you wouldn’t raise your voice and use spiritual commands on people either!

He was not given to extreme statements or overwhelming emotion. He didn’t drive the emotions of the people around Him. He wasn’t needy. He wasn’t desperate. Why? Because He had the Holy Spirit without measure!

He simply allowed people to believe or not believe – as they see fit. He never seemed to repeat Himself. He didn’t follow after people shouting at them as they walked away. Why? Because He was so secure in having the truth and because of the fact that He had the Holy Spirit without measure and because He prayed to His Father so much, He was able to discern who was given to Him and who was not! His job was to protect those given to Him (John 17:12)

Jesus was… so… so… normal. And yet so not-normal. He didn’t push and push. He worked with people who agreed with Him. If people disagreed He simply moved on.

I learned that. It’s why I am so grateful that so very few people post their disagreement to my posts. I don’t want to have to distract from what I’m saying by dealing with people who don’t agree with me. Their disagreement tells me that they are on another separate walk with God. What I have is NOT for them. It’s ok. God bless them! They should go to a blog site that they DO enjoy and get fed with. I’m writing for people who are attracted to and have ears for and LIKE what I have to say.

I saw that He fought, He was no wuss. He got angry, He threw over tables in anger. He made a whip – and presumably He used it BUT the people He attacked and insulted were evil doers who knowingly were planning to destroy His work. They were not spared His tongue and He cursed them.

He never talked about abstract spiritual concepts such as “spiritual portals” or anything like that. He didn’t even talk like this to His disciples. Neither did Paul. Nor Abraham. Nor David. Nor anyone else. The modern language called “Christianese” is a blight on the church, it separates us from people. If He was explaining that people need to come to Him to avoid getting into worse trouble, He explained it using a parable about someone’s home and an intruder.

I also noticed some other things about Him that I want to jot down quickly:

  1. I saw that Jesus experienced the full range of emotions.
  2. I noticed that He didn’t talk about His formative years (the first 30 years). His private life was His own.
  3. He didn’t PROVE anything to anyone. In fact He hid the truth behind parables and then only partly explained them to the disciples. It take a fair amount of work to uncover the simple truths He taught.
  4. His bread and butter was love. He got down with the people. In amongst them. Like Mother Teresa.
  5. But He did command the demons and He demonstrated full authority over them, but we never see Him taking on rulers, authorities or territorial spirits. They had nothing in Him, so He didn’t need to resist them at all.

So why did people flock to Him in the thousands?

One time He goes up the mountain. Then a cripple find Him up the mountain. What was it that Jesus had which caused a beggar to crawl up the mountain after Him?

Let’s see… it wasn’t for…

  1. Wasn’t for money
  2. Wasn’t for His looks (He wasn’t good looking according to Isaiah)
  3. Wasn’t for His provision. He sometimes didn’t even have food for them and they were hungry as they followed Him.
  4. Wasn’t because it was easy and fun on an otherwise boring day.
  5. Wasn’t because His way to salvation was easy – in fact He warned them that they would suffer if they followed Him! Some people wanted to follow Him and He said NO to them.
  6. He wasn’t emotional. He didn’t hype them up. No lights. No comfy seats. No seeker friendliness.

So why did people follow Him?

Because He had the truth and his life SHOWED it.

They followed Him

  1. Because He could do exactly what He said He could do. No fake claims.
  2. Because He reached out to those who were listening and He didn’t fight with those who weren’t listening.
  3. Because He clearly knew God personally.
  4. Because He had the Holy Spirit without measure and it showed in His very secure choices He made.

They followed Him because He walked the talk.

I want to walk like Jesus did

Yes. I have always wanted to. And you? Do you want to? Well then, it appears to mean that I should walk like this:

  1. Being utterly natural in my speach and behaviour – being approachable, focussing on the here and now, the land, children
  2. Praying to my FATHER (a lot) before making decisions and then trusting Him entirely with the outcome of my life
  3. Doing LESS spiritual stuff (the exception) and more loving people, mixing amongst them, staying their houses (the rule)
  4. Having the fullness of the Holy Spirit and as a result walking so confidently that you can be utterly normal
  5. Aim to touch 12 people deeply, be prepared to skim over the top of thousands and be rejected by millions

It’s really a lot like His two major commands isn’t it?!

  1. Love God (enter into all He has for us with gusto and determination and fully receive His Holy Spirit)
  2. Love others (no matter how deep your walk is with Christ, be utterly natural in your speach and in how you relate to people and in your concerns for their day to day lives and their children)

As I wrote above… if you had the fullness of the Holy Spirit you’d feel really secure too… then you’d be able to come down to earth and deal with people right where they are. No hype.

So that begs the question. How can we receive the Holy Spirit without measure? That seems to be what it takes to walk in such security and confidence as Jesus did… fearing nothing… able to handle everything… stay up praying all night.

Is that – receiving the Holy Spirit without measure – what we need before we can walk as He did? I say yes.

One response to “How Jesus walked (Part 2)

  1. i recieved a word from GOD the other day just one word actually. it was “abundant” i typed it in and researched it at then one site led to another and after 2 and 1/2 hours i found your site. i enjoyed the message and i agree with all i have read here tonight. i really enjoyed the header. it made me think and i like to think . i have read alot about abundance tonight and i have been blessed by your site i hope i can find it again and read more sometime.


    Thank you for sharing that. Your kinds words encourage me and feed me. God bless you for being so generous. – Mark.

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