A new dawn is breaking

So you may have read about the spiritual conflict I had? I wrote about it in this post: Make good what is lacking in your faith

No one commented on that post – probably because it’s hard to tell if a blogger is psychotic or if these stories are actually real. Hey, I know how you feel! heheheh.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Well let me tell you what has happened since then. In that confrontation I used my “shield of faith” to rebuke the enemy from cursing my home, my friends, my body, my business (etc.) and wouldn’t you know it?

The business

I’ve had some tough months in my business. Feb was the worst. And after that confrontation, the very next day, a sale that had been held up for MONTHS came through. By the end of that single day the profit for February had already risen by 20%! In one day.

You want more? There seemed to be so many blockages everywhere and now it’s all coming free:

  1. It seemed like I had to move out of my office… but now that might not have to happen… as of a phonecall TODAY!
  2. For ages I couldn’t find people to help write the .NET code (even though I’m willing to pay!)… and now TODAY I find myself with THREE people offering to write code for me – and all are gurus!


I can’t EVER remember sleeping so deeply as these last two nights.

I woke up this morning wondering WHY I’ve never slept so deeply. I’d always wake up during the night and be aware of this or that or have to pray. I just thought it was normal. But now these last two nights… when I wake up, I actually wake from SLEEP, not simply change modes from lying down and get up, no, I wake up and get up.


I can’t say that too much has happened in one day, because it hasn’t. But. This scripture that I’ve been battling with (I’m trying to uncover a truth that I really need to WORK in my life) came a bit closer to being revealed to me last night. So that’s cool.

This morning

I saw that the axes were flying at me again this morning, but I know how to fight back now with my faith, so I did!

As I was doing this, I wondered… has the enemy been cursing me ALL of my life? Or at least since I got really serious with God as a teenager? It was such a clear impression in my mind.

I’m going to have to learn to consistently fight back. I’ve been so passive all of my life because of the beating I’ve had. My identity was: “I’m a lover, not a fighter!” Well… that passivity hasn’t worked so far in my debt-ridden, divorced, abused relatively short life… so maybe it’s time for a change.

Watch out enemy… when you hit me, I fell my knees, when you hurt me, you drove me towards Jesus – still on my knees. Now Jesus is teaching me. I now know how to use the shield of faith and the sword of the Lord… and I’m going to show everyone else how to use it too. You’re in for a WORLD of hurt, you should NEVER have hurt us. 🙂