50k and good friends

I hit the big 50k in visitors. Far out. But even better, I never ever would have dreamed that I’d meet so many incredible people and read so many differing views from such tremendous bloggers. It’s a wonderful discovery of the diversity of people and thoughts in the blogosphere. I’m proud to call you guys blogging friends.

3 responses to “50k and good friends

  1. I am truly blessed to have you as a friend Mark! Your words and testimony remind me of hope every time I visit. Besides, I think you’re a pretty neat for a guy! lol…..

    For a guy?! ūüėõ

  2. Yeah dude, we love you and appreciate you sharing what you’ve learned so that we can grow in Christ as well. The revelations that you’ve received coupled with the things other ppl have learned all help us get thru and to another level.

    Thanks again for keeping it real.

  3. hello,
    you don’t know me but i have heard of you from derrick. hope you do not mind me perusing your writings and checking out your thoughts, i promise to leave mine. God bless you

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