Every revolution contains a million small actions

I admire Nelson Mandela (Nelson Mandela talks about making poverty history) and other big thinkers like Rick Warren (Rick Warren’s PEACE Plan).

Are these plans achievable? Or are they too big to ever be completed? If feels daunting and overwhelming when I read the stats about how many AIDS orphans there are in the world. It’s just too big for me to do anything about right? There’s nothing I can do. It’s just too big. I’m just one person. Right?


just_walk_across_the_room.jpgI haven’t read this book… but the name on the cover captures my approach to Christianity: just walk across the room.

A big move of God is made up of millions of tiny prayers, millions of small conversations, millions of changes in attitude. And history shows that a revival ends when those millions of things (prayer, talking, changing) stop happening.

It’s that simple.

Evangelism happens when you choose to walk across the room. Pastoral care happens when you invite someone to coffee and you listen to their story. Leadership happens when you get an idea from God and implement it. Ministry of helps happens when you greet someone at church that you haven’t greeted before or hand out pamphlets. Intercession happens when we pray.

If we all just did and kept on doing our bit – as Jesus described in the parable of the talents (use the talent you have) – then we’d have a deep and wide change in society!

Every journey begins with a single step. If the journey is emotional healing or to restoring your marriage – every long journey is just a series of small steps. You take a step. Someone else takes a step. Another few people take a step – pretty soon we’ve helped a million children out of poverty!

The trick is to not focus on the big picture, but to focus on your talents, what do you have to share with the people around you? Do what you can do, not what you can’t. Just do what you can today.

I admire the big thinkers with big plans, but I admire even more the people who actually walk across the room.