Being the body of Christ to one another

What a wonderful church we could have if we seriously took ownership of this truth: that we are to be the “body of Christ” to one another.It’s the same as this one: Jesus said that we are the light to the world. He meant that He will shine through us when we love one another.

Feed, clothe, encourage, guide, protect, reprimand, direct… one another. If we do this, we are light to one another. If we do it, He is able to reach through us into another person’s life.

I have a friend who bitterly complains that He wants to FEEL God’s love. He is set up for failure, because he has not been taught in his church that I am the body of Christ to him. I am the person who Jesus prods and pokes to share my stuff with my friend. God shapes me so I will love my friend. God loves and provides through me.

In that same way, God shows Himself through you… if you leave a kind or encouraging or up-building comment on this or other blogs. (You can reprimand me too, but do that via private email eh?! hehehe)

My friend looks into the empty skies for the love of God and wonders where God is… when will he FEEL God’s love. When will he SEE God.

In fact, I look into the life of my friend and I see God has surrounded him with many wonderful Christians who are walking with my friend through his dark valley of despair.

You and I are the body of Christ to the people around us.

Jesus reached out to heal countless people, now He wants to reach out again through you and I. Not only through your leaders. Not only through the guy up the front. Through you and me. Right now. Today.

Jesus said, when you love a child or help someone, it is as though you are helping Him. It’s a profound challenge to us to love others where there seems to be no reward for doing it. Our reward is that Christ is right there, in the situation. We don’t need a greater reward do we?

The Holy Spirit longs to work with and shape and use us to reach others. It is His plan to live through us and do His work through us – as we obey His command to love one another.

Without Him, we have absolutely nothing. We can do nothing. But if we will obey His command to love, then He will fulfill His promises to us. We will be the body of Christ to the world. We will be the person through whom His light shines to the world. His life will be displayed through ours.

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  1. Amen and Amen! Great blog, I glad I came across it. The Lord bless you!

    Hi Rachel. Your blog is great too. Thank you for visiting and encouraging me. – God bless you! Mark.

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