God greets an unsaved person in Heaven

This is part two of a two-part series

  1. What happens to people who don’t hear about Jesus?
  2. God greets an unsaved person in Heaven

As I drove to work this morning I kinda felt/heard this.

I imagined that God was talking to someone who HAS NEVER HEARD about Jesus. Here is what happens:

Person gets to heaven. Person is astonished to be faced with Almighty God. Person is overcome with their own sin and sinfulness. Person notices that God is not sinful and He is perfect. Person begins to notice God’s immense loving character.

Person gradually realizes that this is the crunch time in his (or her) life. Everything that is past, is gone and now his whole future rests in this moment.

God speaks to person, introduces Himself and says…”Hi. I am God.I am about to decide if you can join me in heaven or not. Let Me explain how I will make this decision.

I am a loving God and the thing I value most highly is love. When I saw that one of my angels had used his free will to develop some greedy and evil characteristics, I threw him out of heaven. I won’t ever be letting him back in.

You see, I want to live in eternity with people who choose to love. I do not and will not live with beings who consciously choose to do ongoing evil towards others. I will put and end to those types of people.

When I sent My Son to earth, He made it clear (over and over again) that there are two major commands and if you keep those two, then you are in right standing with Me. The commands are: love Me and love others.

Now please understand, I don’t have an absolute standard to reach and I am not performance driven. What matters to me is what happened in your heart. I wrote this law of love on your heart at birth. You have always had a desire to love and another worldly desire to be greedy and to dominate.

So I look at if the person tried to love. You can never ever live up to My standards… but I want to see if you tried. If the person did try to love, then I invite them into heaven to live with me. I am very eager to live in Heaven with as many people as is possible! Hey, the more, the merrier!

Unfortunately some people saw My character of love and rejected Me while they lived on the earth. I am sad to say, they sealed their destiny. They are evil doers. I won’t ever let them into Heaven

Some people saw My character and chose to join Me and learn my ways. They are already redeemed. They are sealed. Marked for salvation. I have a special place for them in My very own home. I am so looking forward to spending eternity with them.

But you… you neither accepted or rejected Me, because you didn’t know me. You were not given a chance to love Me because no one came to and showed Me to you. So I won’t judge you on that command to love Me.

So that brings me to the other part of the command – that I wrote on your heart. Loving others.

Now I’m going to ask you one very important question… while you were on earth… while you had free will… how did you live your life? What was in your heart? Did you love the people around you?

For those of us who are saved, this story illustrates the incredible value that God places on love. While the world trades in greed (love of money) it seems that God’s currency is love.

We are saved by faith, but afterwards, we must demonstrate our faith through love. We are saved by faith, but afterwards we must SHOW our faith.

For young Christians the initial command is clear: love one another. But as we are obedient to that initial command, we then get to hear via other people, we get rhema, we may have dreams and visions. Those who then are obedient to those newer commands then may go on to having REAL intimacy with God.

Each progressive change requires us to depend on Him more and more. At first it’s loving people in small ways, giving them the better seat at a dinner table, eventually it’s finding money in the mouths of fishes because we didn’t take anything with us as we followed His command.

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7 responses to “God greets an unsaved person in Heaven

  1. Hi Mark,
    from my youth I was looking for answer to this question until now. What I used to find was always condemning messages, implicating western culture people have luck they found about Jesus and others go to hell. I glad that Holy Spirit led you to have theology filled with such love and thanks for this article.

  2. Just to innoculate the jury; I am one of those floating around agnostic independant types that kinda thinks this and kinda thinks that and hasn’t really decided on one thing or another. You all know the type and nothing more need be said. This reply is also half based on both of your series posts so if something doesn’t apply to the immediate above blog then please go to the first response…

    Ok, So heres my comment. Why do I ride in the neutral lane when it comes to God? It’s simple, I have no fundemental disbelief, or extreme conviction towards one side of faith or another. I would love to immerse myself in the Christian faith and convince myself that it is all for the glory of God… but because of the nature of religion in our world I simply choose not to endulge myself in what I percieve to be the violence it ultimately brings. Violence of word or action or arguement which is based solely in what I see as the weaponization and perversion of religion; IE, the use of religious belief for personal gain at the cost of another. For instance, your post was wonderful in it’s suggestion that even people like me who are eternally riding the middle line of “unsure” will still have hope if it turns out we never had a reason to doubt in the first place- provided we lived with love in our hearts and did the best we could to be honorable and kind. I love this idea of judgement because it brings me comfort that my own indecision will not alone damn me for eternity. As soon as you say it though, here comes someone who implies “why do all this work when someone else can get in without doing work at all?” Ok, so the message I then immediately get is that instead of the love everyone and hope that all will see the glory of God message I should be hearing, I get… Well I did more than he did so why should he get the same as me? Hrmm…. ok so thats greed right? And wasn’t it in the former post that said love is the currency of God and greed the currency of terrestrial kingdoms? Ok, so suddenly the love of God has become a divine currency used by the faithful to establish what? A predominant place in Heaven? So then the suggestion is something like.. if you do more than me faith wise you get a better place in Heaven than me. IE, you are using faith to insure you are better than others in the afterlife? And if that weren’t the case as Im sure someone will reply, how many then do you believe would truly be as enthusiastic as they are now about religion? Suddenly, as much as I want to believe and participate in the Christian faith I’m immediately repelled all over again by the apparent exploitation of it. In addition the religious notion that I’m right and your wrong and that’s all there is to it has further pushed the belief in divinity to a breaking point where all of us with our eyes wide open has seen time and time again what the consequences will lead to. An end state I want fervently to avoid and thus I avoid religion even while I know that it may cost me my salvation. I’m not sure if it’s just me that sees this kind of religious exploitation as the surest way possible to hinder and destroy the proliferation of God’s message but for those of you who may believe that religion is the basis for winning an arguement or that hard work here on earth should glorify you above others in heaven… I think maybe the true question may need to be redefined from the nature of belief in God; but towards what kind of God we are believing in to start with? Because the one I want to believe in and worship for eternity wouldn’t give any concern to petty ideas such as position or place when looking at the scope of forever. So what happens to people like me who reject religion based on the actions of its representation here on earth rather than for the merits of the religion itself? When I stand before God can I say I refused to practice teachings delivered by man, distorted and abused through time and practice and consequently had nothing left untainted by posterity to fall back on with which to base my life?


  3. Biblically, NO ONE enters heaven without being Born Again … No One. As for the person the never ‘heard’ the gospel. God will deal with them while on earth. The Holy Spirit will deal with, even their conscience, if that is all they have. Romans tell us, that to the who-so-ever, that never heard, Romans 2:12-16

    Be Blessed

  4. So was the person admitted into Heaven in the end? I think you are implying that they may be. In that case, I guess I shouldn’t ever evangelize to anyone. If they are a loving person, they’ll get to heaven and never have to go through the tough decision of whether or not to accept Christ…

    Hi Dan.

    Did you take the time to read this post first? What happens to people who don’t hear about Jesus It has the bible verses in there to explain this post better.

    Did the guy get in? I don’t know if he got in. It’s up to *Him* to judge. (I’m just quoting the bible, so please don’t get upset with me!) But if that person was a Christian, he CERTAINLY would have got in. You should evangelize BECAUSE… in my opinion, the world is so harsh and the tendency in us is to be mean and selfish and NOT to love… so I wonder how many people will make it through and get in. I shudder at that thought.

    What I am showing is that there *is* hope for people who grow up in foreign cultures and are never exposed to Jesus. There has to be, He is a loving God! BUT… if we take the gospel to those people and they accept, then they DEFINITELY WILL get in. That’s why we go and spread the gospel. It takes away the uncertainty.

    God bless you Dan,


    Thanks Caroline 🙂

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