For my yoke is easy (Part 5: What I discovered)

This is a 6 part testimony.

I mentioned that I decided I had to accept that God is perfect, that His bible lacks nothing and has what I need. I mentioned that I was searching the scriptures to understand WHY Jesus promises me freedom and HOW to get it.

I accepted that Jesus had taught (by words AND by His lifestyle and choices) enough for me to understand His message. I decided that the OT and the NT really was just an explanation of Jesus and His teaching. (See Jesus is the focus, the one constant and Pick up stix – making sense of the bible)

So my conclusion was that when I understand what Jesus did for me, then I can accept it and enter into His truth and see the benefits that He promised.

And that is pretty much what has happened!

In many ways I learned this from Paul’s passage such as this one…

[For my determined purpose is] that I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly], and that I may in that same way come to know the power outflowing from His resurrection [which it exerts over believers] – Phil 3:10-11

So late last year I finally accepted that Jesus came to defeat sin and evil and death AND accept that HE DID do it… and He has made me righteous and there is nothing separating me from my Father in Heaven. The bible says exactly this over and over and I accepted it as true for me. We get saved by accepting His sacrifice for us (faith). We receive His promises by accepting them for us too.

I finally accepted it. I lived as though it is true.

That’s faith. We enter by faith. My life began to change. Because of my faith, there really was nothing separating me. The bible came alive. The blessings began to pour out. Healing came. Have a look at the blog posts during that time. It’s all there.

Here is what I discovered that the bible says

About salvation

  • If you call on Jesus for salvation and you actually believe (it’s not just words, there is a change in your heart) then you will be saved

we know this and I don’t need to give scriptures for it.

About the Kingdom of God

  • The Kingdom of God is people. God loves people.
  • Jesus’ command is to love God and love one another in a practical way
  • We are commanded to love God. How do we do that? We love God by keeping His commands!!
  • To enter into the Kingdom of God requires you to use your talents to love one another
  • As you read about Jesus in the bible you will see more of Him and you’ll be renewed by the experience of understanding the way He looks at things. the washing of our minds is not supernatural, it’s a series of “Oh NOW I get it!” moments and our lives change.
  • Do not strive. Do not work hard. Love other people with the talents He has given us. Use what He has given. It’s an easy yoke!
  • If you’re enjoying your Christianity you are a FAR better advert for Him than if you’re tired and stressed out.
  • If you use what you have (time, money, kindness) to love others, He has promised to give you MORE to use. It is in this way that our joy becomes complete, as Jesus said His joy was complete and ours would be complete too. See The parable of the talents
  • Love others as you love yourself. So if you understand your own boundaries, you will understand everyone else needs boundaries too. So love yourself… and you’ll be able to figure out how to love others. See Love others as you love yourself and Why does the bible say to love yourself?
  • Enjoy your life… He gave you a life to enjoy! See God doesn’t live your life, YOU live YOUR life and getting closer to Me, without losing yourself
  • “Renewing your mind” is a lot to do with changing your approach to things to see it His way, but it’s also about healing from the wounds that the enemy inflicted. See Heal your identity – it will help to fill the emptiness inside

It’s so important that we look at how Jesus walked with people. His idea of evangelism was to shake someone’s hand or to stay at their house or eat with them. He got their attention not with tricky words and theology, but by blowing them away with His love and His power. He has an approach to evangelism and community that is NOT tiring and NOT stressful. He walks in amongst people. Ask yourself… Why didn’t Jesus get a church building?

About removing the barriers between My Father and me

  • Accept that Jesus has defeated satan on the cross
  • Accept that Jesus has set those of us who believe free from the law, sin and death
  • Accept that Jesus has made us righteous in God’s eyes
  • Accept that Jesus blood (meaning, His death) continually cleanses us from all sin

but of course… all of this is only for those who actually believe (it’s not just words, there is a change in your heart). Paul says we can tell if someone actually believes, because their life and choices and behavior will change. You can read more about these topics here: Jesus came to give us an abundant life – Part #2

The reason this is important – that Jesus has removed the barriers between us and our Father in Heaven – is because God cannot look on anything that has sin. If Jesus has not cleansed you from sin, then you are still in your sin… and God cannot look on you.

Some people will go for deliverance for YEARS in order to repent of things their great-great-great grandparents did. But I got tired of this, my ancestors did waaay too much stuff. So I just opted out. I accepted that Jesus had paid the full price for me, had died in my place, and I have died with Him.

Game over. 🙂

So as these barriers come down – by fully receiving what Jesus has done for me – His blessings began to flow and flow into my life. I was restored so quickly that counselors and people who knew me well were astonished. I knew it was the power of Jesus Christ in my life.

About removing darkness from our lives

By the time we come to see and accept Jesus, we have usually received a lot of pain and trouble in this world. Even if we totally accept His sacrifice in our place and the full payment for our sins, we have already been involved in many things in our lives. We’re angry. We might have be abused, We might have abused others.

  • Extreme or long-term anger (hatred) causes our lives to be filled with darkness and our eyes are blinded. Off load your anger. Let go. Find the good in the other person. release them. 1 John 2:11
  • Forgive to be forgiven. This is a vital step in your freedom. Maybe read: How to forgive someone

It’s not a small thing to see the darkness retreat and to feel the Light of God come pouring into your life – let me tell you. I strongly recommend you forgive and offload any long term anger (AKA hatred).

Tomorrow I will publish part six of this series. It’s the final part. The wrap-up.


One response to “For my yoke is easy (Part 5: What I discovered)

  1. I always enjoy your posts and try to visit often even if I don’t have time to comment!

    God Bless,

    Thanks Scotti. HUNDREDS of people visit each day and so few comment. hehehe.

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