Where will you dive from?

This happened to me and I’m sure it will happen to anyone who wants to go on with God and to enter into all He has for us.

divingboard.jpgIt’s a bit like climbing up a diving board. At any stage you can get out and say “I want to dive from here, I don’t want to go any higher”. People can opt out – and that’s ok. We’re all saved. We’re going to heaven. Opting out doesn’t mean He will love you any less.

But I think to myself, if I can stick in there… then I will become more like Him, I will help more people out of misery, I can live an abundant life! Yes, this is the life I want, yes I think this is a life worth living.

The longer you stay in the school of the Holy Spirit, the more this statement will become true for you: Isaiah 61. We must recognize that salvation is an event, but sanctification (becoming more and more like Jesus) is a process. It happens over time – if we want it and we stick with it.
God is a good God. The ONLY God. Let’s enter into “the school of the Holy Spirit“. It’s a tough experience, but it’s worth it.

2 responses to “Where will you dive from?

  1. Good word, Mark. I have been in that class recently and it doesn’t always feel so good. Yet, it’s necessary if we are to go to another, deeper level in God. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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