We will destroy the enemy SUDDENLY “in the end”

Please understand that we are not looking for political or military victory, but victory over sin and a new life in Jesus filled with love for one another and the blessings of Deut 28.

As you probably know, most of Daniel refers to the “end” and that is a reference to the end of those times, of that age. The end came with Jesus and the destruction of the Roman empire. Almost all of Daniel’s prophecy is about the Medo-Persian empire, Alexander the Great (and his death when his kingdom was split into 4). Daniel’s prophecy was remarkably accurate in it’s political analysis. The Amplified bible has the best footnotes describing the actual historical and archaeological events that happened.

But there is one area that I don’t think has happened yet. And I do think it will happen.

But the judgment shall be set [by the court of the Most High], and they shall take away his dominion to consume it [gradually] and to destroy it [suddenly] in the end. – Dan 7:26

Before this verse it was saying that God’s people had been given over and the enemy had been able to conquer them for a time. But this verse speaks of something we have not yet seen… but we are seeing now.

The church has been advancing forcefully as Jesus said it would. There are more believers alive today than ever before. Someone once said that there are more believers alive waiting to go to heaven than there are in heaven already!

But I’m looking at this graph


and we can see that the Kingdom has been advancing slowly and surely (although it has flattened out recently).

I once asked an elder (who I) trust if the end is a fixed date. He wisely answered me that D-Day (the day on which the Battle of Normandy began — commencing the Western Allied effort to liberate mainland Europe from Nazi occupation during World War II) was the beginning of the end for Germany. V-Day (victory day) happened when all the battles were completed and the Allies had won.

So, our D-Day was when Jesus died on the cross. V-Day is when the final thing has been placed under Jesus feet – and then He gives them all to the Father. What does the bible say?

After that comes the end (the completion), when He delivers over the kingdom to God the Father after rendering inoperative and abolishing every [other] rule and every authority and power. For [Christ] must be King and reign until He has put all [His] enemies under His feet. The last enemy to be subdued and abolished is death. – 1 Corinthians 15:24-26

How long the battles take to go from D-Day to V-Day depends on the fighters. We are those fighters!

But apart from Jesus, we can do NOTHING. This is a sober thought. Apart from Him – if we’re not connected to Him – our works are worth nil. We must be in partnership with Him.

So where are we according to this verse (assuming I have rightly interpreted this verse of course)

But the judgment shall be set [by the court of the Most High], and they shall take away his dominion to consume it [gradually] and to destroy it [suddenly] in the end. – Dan 7:26

I venture to suggest that we have (as the graph shows) been gradually consuming the enemy’s kingdom… but there will come a time that we will cross the Jordan, inherit all that Jesus has for us, truly become children of God… and destroy it suddenly.

Just for the record, this does NOT mean it’s a political or military victory. No destruction of anything, no marches, nothing other than end of sin in my life, your life and the people around you and me… until eventually God’s blessings of Deut 28 are overflowing in our countries and in the world… and the kingdom of darkness has lost.

Remember Jesus is coming back for a radiant bride who has prepared herself:

Then I heard the sound of massed choirs, the sound of a mighty cataract, the sound of strong thunder:

The Master reigns,
our God, the Sovereign-Strong!
Let us celebrate, let us rejoice,
let us give him the glory!
The Marriage of the Lamb has come;
his Wife has made herself ready.
She was given a bridal gown
of bright and shining linen.
The linen is the righteousness of the saints. – Rev 19:7

She has made herself ready… the linen is the righteousness of the saints. And how do you get righteousness? From Jesus, His life for ours!

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