Conquering and overcoming – a clarifcation

You might have read my post We will destroy the enemy SUDDENLY “in the end”

What enemy am I talking about? People? Governments? Societies I don’t respect? Organizations that I happen not to support? Religions I don’t agree with? No. No. No.

(So if you are being spiritually aggressive towards me, please stop. I am not against you, the person, but I AM set against any enslaving evil power.)

I’ve written this a few times and I’ll just keep saying it so that it’s 100% clear: we overcome and conquer sin and death, because Jesus has already overcome them.

As a result of us overcoming, the world immediately around us is a better place for everyone to live in. Sickness is pushed out of people’s lives. Death is pushed back. Life and life abundantly becomes the mantra.

What was the messiah meant to do?

There is a big misunderstanding here. Israel waited for a Messiah in the mold of King David to come and conquer, right? Then when Jesus came, they had already declared King Herod as their King of the Jews (Luke 1:5)

So they believed their messiah had come. Herod. And Herod was doing VERY King Davidic things through his incredible building program

But Jesus was the actual Messiah. The problem was simply this: the nation was looking for the wrong kind of conqueror. It’s therefore no wonder that they rejected Jesus, because they were looking for someone to overcome and conquer PEOPLE.

But Jesus conquered SIN and DEATH. Not people.

What do modern Christians expect?

In so many ways modern Christianity smiles fondly at Mother Teresa and her efforts to heal the lost and lonely and devalued… but then these “brave Christians” take a deep breath and steel themselves for the “REAL” battle… conquering the world in His name.

But wait… our war is against SIN and DEATH and Jesus already did it, we just need to take hold of that and go and BE light to the world. Go set people free, by HELPING them.

Many people expect the gospel to overcome and conquer. What does that mean? Does it mean democracy will flourish everywhere? Does it mean there will be a church government installed – like some Muslim people would like a caliphate? No. No.

When Jesus said the kingdom of the enemy would not withstand the advancement of His Kingdom, He meant that darkness will be pushed out of people’s lives. He meant that sickness will not withstand. Poverty will be handed it’s marching orders. Death is defeated – and sickness is simply a form of death.

If someone offered me a high paying job doing something important in government, I would turn them down… because I have the highest paid and most important job in the Kingdom of God: to love the people around me.

bandw.jpgIn George Bush’s black and white world of “you are for us or against us” I would say I am twirly. I am neither black nor white, I am moon-unit. I am zaphod beeblebrox. Black and white boxes? Ummm… I’m closer to a nut and bolt. (Yeah, I’m having fun with this!!)

No Christian actually fits into that manipulative mental construct.

Now let me say this please… I am extremely glad someone is defending me and fighting for my freedom and I am NOT a pacifist at all.


The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me

MY job is to fight for freedom of people in an entirely other way. I am fighting for their spiritual freedom, their emotional freedom, their physical freedom from sickness.

He has sent me to … proclaim freedom for the captives

On Saturday God healed two people through me. The previous weekend as I was talking to a sick woman, her the sickness left her. It simply moved out from behind her and floated away. She stared at me. I didn’t do anything and I said nothing.

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted

About 3 years ago I was attending my regular church and the pastor/priest said for those who want prayer to stand up. So I stood up – of course. And he then told us that we’d be praying for the others. Well… I almost fainted. How could evil sinful yucky me pray for others? I had HEAPS of emotional and spiriutual problems and addictions and… I’m to pray for someone else?!

So I walked out into the aisle tentatively – reeking of low self esteem – and I walk over to a man who looked like he needed help. He was morbidly obese and he showed absolutely no emotions. I had never met this man before (and I would never meet him again afterwards).

I somehow knew this man was in a really bad place in his life and I walked slowly and very calmly up to him. I quieted myself inside me, so I wouldn’t radiate excitability or anything too overwhelming. I knelt down and asked him if I could pray for him, looking up at him in his chair. He nodded the slightest nod.

He didn’t move a muscle. He stared lifelessly at me. I couldn’t see any emotions in this man’s eyes. It was like there was no life in him.

I’m continuously having tears as I remember and write about him now. Perhaps it’s because I too am brokenhearted, I also need freedom? Maybe because I know what it’s like to earnestly desire freedom and yet have no hope that anyone can administer it to me. To know Jesus did it, but wonder why no one in His church can give it to me. (The answer: no mature disciples/sheep).

I didn’t know what to pray. I didn’t know how to talk to him, he was utterly unresponsive. But I had compassion for this man. I knelt, I placed one hand on his balled up fist and I closed my eyes and I simply said “PLEASE Lord help this man”. You might not think it’s a scriptural prayer, but in fact it’s the most scriptural prayer. Inside me I was crying out for this man.

As I opened my eyes I saw one tear roll out from his right eye, down his cheek. I had no idea that God had touched him and begun a work. All I saw on the outside was a tear.

I let go of his hand and went back to my seat. That was the Sunday. On Monday I felt to pray for him. I prayed again on the weds. That’s all.

One day 6 months later a person I know (but don’t usually have contact with) came up to me and told me someone had died. I had no idea of this person, so I smiled and said I’m sorry. But he was insistent that I knew him and this would matter to me. So I listened. He told me that I’d probably want to come to the man’s funeral.

I said I don’t know the man. He told me it was this man, in this story.

I asked who he was and what was wrong with him and what his last 6 months had been like. This person told me that he had been on anti-psychotic drugs since whenever. He used to wake up screaming in the morning and run out into the hallway screaming, as if he was being pursued. He was very ill.

After the prayer his illness simply ceased.

From that day onwards, the man carried a bible everywhere and every day with him. He spoke about Jesus to anyone who would listen. After 6 month, the illness returned and within a week of that, the Lord graciously took him to Heaven.

We are called to be like Jesus

Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes. Immediately they received their sight and followed him. – Matt 20:34

We are the vehicle for Jesus to have compassion on people. He can do more than we dare to dream. And they will follow Him as a result.

  • Spend time reading and seeking and asking and knocking – the door will be opened
  • Read until you deeply internalize that Jesus can heal (see: List of Jesus’ miracles)
  • Read until you KNOW that you KNOW that He CAN and WILL heal through YOU
  • Be absolutely certain that He HAS done on the cross what is needed for the complete restoration of any person struggling with anything

Concentric circles

But for it to come through you, you first need to connect to HIM. THEN He will work through YOU. First He changes your life, then He changes the lives of those around you. First you’re remade into His image, then He uses you more and more. As more is given, more is required of you.

Until eventually He says “leave everything and follow me” and you leave it all – if you’re lucky. 🙂

I look at it this way: in concentric circles.

5ripple_big.jpgFIRST it’s about you and Him.THEN it’s about Him through You to them.

Him and you FIRST.

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3 responses to “Conquering and overcoming – a clarifcation

  1. Hey,
    its me again. I commented in your April 08 post.
    I thank God for a brother like you. Your post are personal testimonies that are powerful in many ways.
    Time and time again, I tend to lose focus, i prayed last night that the Lord will hold me close once again, I yearn to be close to Him.
    God answered and God has truely used you to glorify this love you have for Him and His family. I’m very much touched by how much God has touched your life.
    God Bless

    Thank you Daiyan. Your comforting words have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you again. May God bless you. – Mark.

  2. Keep sharing the truth Mark (no matter how many posts it takes).

    Thanks for the reminder… no matter how many it takes, no matter what it might take from me even. God bless, Mark.

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