WP Header: Just be yourself

This was my first WP custom header. The message is that it’s evangelistic to be yourself.


You’re welcome to use this header on your own Christian site.

One response to “WP Header: Just be yourself

  1. I like your new header! I don’t yet understand the link between your header and your statement about being yourself. Can you expound on that? I love that verse, though, because we have a promise that Jesus will return just as he left. However, while we patiently and eagerly await Christ’s return, we are to go out and share the gospel of Truth not just stand there staring at the sky! Amen!
    All blessings to you in Christ Jesus,

    Hi Scotti. The “be yourself” statement is about the header that is available to download in *this* post. But yeah it’s an amazing thought that He will return and things will be different. And not a moment too soon, I think! – Mark.

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