Friday heroes

This video should not be watched by anyone with a religious problem. A sense of humor is required

I did the Which Action Hero Would You Be? test. The results are in!!

I’m spider man

You scored as The Amazing Spider-Man. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker was transformed from a nerdy high school student into New York’s greatest hero. Peter enjoys the thrill of being a super hero, but he struggles with the burdens of leading a double life. He hopes someday to win the heart of his true love Mary Jane, the woman he’s loved since before he even liked girls. Right now, he just wants to make it through college and pay his bills.

Hey… it’s pretty spot on! ūüėÄ Who are you?

2 responses to “Friday heroes

  1. Sweet, I was Maximus from Gladiator! Good movie. Good guy. I don’t know if I could be a gladiator though…. hahaha.
    Good job on the new header! I like it.
    That video is great. Every one of us is guilty of that, maybe not as blatantly as singing praises to ourselves, but just as bad in other ways. Sadly, a lot of modern worship songs really are “I, I, I” “me, me, me” and not about worshipping the Lord!

    The header is your inspiration. I have a HEAP of headers coming up, I plan to switch them often. Yes someone once said to me that our worship is a “sing along” – in that it’s not actually worship in many of our hearts… we just enjoy singing along. I thought it was a bit harsh, but interesting. God bless! Mark.

  2. Great video! Sadly, I wouldn’t sing those words but I sure live that way many times.

    Heh. Who doesn’t? – Mark.

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