Jesus goes to an orphanage – parable

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No, I will not abandon you as orphans—I will come to you. – John 14:18
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One day Jesus went to an orphanage.

jesus goes to an orphanage to choose a child

He looked at all the lost kids. They had no parents and no one to love them. He had great compassion on them. He looked around for the ones that wanted to come home with Him.

Many of the kids were hardened and didn’t even take note of His Presence. But some of the kids noticed this kind Man. They noticed His smile. They saw how He bent to touch them. His touch was warm and safe, not yucky like some of them had been touched before.

Jesus said to the orphans “I know you have had a tough life. I know you’ve had trouble. You’ve been alone and you’ve learned to fight to survive. If some of you want to come home with me, I’d like to take you home. I’ll love you every day and I’ll try My best to help you learn to become happy and self-disciplined children. If you want to become all that I see in you, then come home with Me.”

Some children lost interest, they didn’t want to have a Dad that would have rules and boundaries. They were wild kids and they only wanted to be with parents they could manipulate.

Other kids responded and put up their hand to go. They knew kindness includes learning how to behave. They were happy that someone would take the time to lovingly teach.

Jesus said to the orphanage assistant: “I’ll take all of the ones who want to come with Me.”

As Jesus called out the names of the kids that had responded to Him, the assistant made some comments about the children.

Jesus said “I want this one” and the assistant said “No, you know, she has a terrible time sleeping, she will keep You up night after night!” and Jesus said “it’s ok, all she needs is love”.

Jesus said “I’ll take that one” and the assistant said “No, leave him, he has terrible dreams and wets his bed. He’s so naughty”. And Jesus said “I know, he’ll take a lot of love but in a few months he’ll be ok”.

Jesus said “I’m really excited about spending my life with this one” and the assistant said “But Sir, that one has been through terrible abuse and can’t speak and doesn’t have any social skills. He just lashes out at anyone nearby”. And Jesus said “Yes I can see that, but I also see a wonderful heart. This child can be a shining light if he will patiently work with me to heal and recover”

Jesus said “This one is a beauty!” and the assistant said “No no, that one gets jealous and swears at the other kids. I think some real damage was done when her mother abandoned her here. She’s never going to recover.” And Jesus said “Oh no, she’s a beauty, I can see inside her. Yes it will take many years for her to recover, but I’ve got Eternity… so I’ve got time. She’s coming with me!” He said in a delighted voice.

The assistant said “But Sir, You have chosen some difficult children and many people know that You’re a man who lives by strict rules. These children cannot change in a day, they will take many years of love and consistency and assistance to heal and recover. What will happen when that one wets her bed every night for a year and can’t stop because she’s still scared? What about Your rules?”

And Jesus said “My dear man, what you have heard about Me is wrong. I know what those tough guys have said about Me behind My back. They think I don’t know, but I do. And I love them still” He said with a chuckle, before continuing “but at this time I’m focussed on loving any of these children here who want to come home with Me.”

The assistant said “So You don’t have rules?” and Jesus replied “Yes I have some rules, but if the child at least tries to love me a little and at least tries to love the other children a little – then that’s good enough for me. You see, love is my rule. If they at least try to love, then in My sight, that keeps all My rules. So, I hope you can see… what you have heard about Me is wrong”.

The assistant said “Sir, some of their parents might come back and demand these children come back and work in the coal mines. What shall I tell the parents?”

And Jesus said “You can tell the parents they have absolutely no claim to any child that chooses me as his or her parent. Unfortunately some children come to Me and refuse to learn, refuse to heal, refuse to actually be adopted… they refuse to be My child and won’t let Me be their legal Parent. This is a tricky situation because their ex-parent still has claims to them. I still have my eye on them, but they have a tough time every time the old parent comes around. I can only be a guardian to them. But the ones who really want me to be their Parent, I am their Parent and no previous parent has any claim on them. Not at all. I will love them and they will eventually learn to love Me, because I will aggressively protect My children with My life.”

The assistant said “I think You’re hoping for too much. These kids are hopeless. Too damaged.”

Then Jesus said to the assistant “Yes some of them are very hurt and some may never fully recover, but I’m happy to live life with them anyway. I have a big house and room for them too. I’ll keep working with any child as much as they want, so they can grow up into all they can be. My hope is that one day they will return here to this orphanage (or other ones) to fetch more kids and bring them home to Me”.

The assistant said “You sound like a strong, wise and wonderful Man. I’ve been very bad in my life. I’ve hurt people. I’m cynical and angry on the inside. But… can I come and be a part of Your family?” and Jesus replied “Yes of course! Everyone is welcome.”

Mark’s comment: I wrote this to make sure that everyone understands a few things: Jesus knows He is adopting people with issues and He knows that issues take time, love and healing to overcome. He knows who you are before He adopts you. Nothing you do is a surprise to Him.

He will work with you, as much as you enter into the relationship with Him. There is no pass or fail with Him. He is not performance oriented. He has great hope for you and me.

It is His hope that you will see His loving nature and eagerly choose to work for Him in bringing other orphans to Him.

4 responses to “Jesus goes to an orphanage – parable

  1. hello mark. i am very inspired right now by your blog. all my life i’ve been wanting to dedicate my life to serve God by way of taking care of His children. I know they need people who will love them and take care of them, offer them a part of their time. please help me out. i’m in search of an orphanage but i can not find one. i live in the chino hills area. i’m hoping to get something near my home but even if it’s far i will still take it. thank you,, i hope you can help me. and my God continually use you as an instrument to spread His love to those who are abandoned and neglected. God bless!


    G’day Jo. I agree with you. BUT, that is just one 1-2 words and it should not overshadow the great value and lessons of kindness and love in the other 99% of the article. Let’s see the good. God bless, Mark.

  3. Thanks Mark
    just found myself crying. (i was an orphan too, but that’s not the whole reason)
    I’m going to post this on our blog here. hope that’s ok

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