Believe in the central issues, not the fruit

A lot of people pray for blessing and pray for peace and they believe “by faith” that it is theirs. Many will spend countless hours asking for healing and believing that they have healing and freedom.

That is all fruit. It is all the result of a pivotal issue – what did Jesus do? And what did He do for you?

If you believe that the bible is correct when it says that Jesus took your sicknesses away, then you’re going to see physical healing. WHAT you believe Jesus did is totally the pivotal thing. BTW the Hebrew word is a medical term and it is confirmed in the gospels that it meant taking away literal sickness.

If you don’t think that Jesus did that for you… then you’re not going to automatically see these things in your life.

In order to really believe He took away all sickness from you, you may have to really get to grips with who He was and why He died and where sickness comes from. You’re in luck… the first 8 chapters of Romans extensively deals with that.

Perhaps you need to explore the spiritual aspects of healing and what He did to achieve that for you? Luckily for you God inserted Hebrews 7 and 8 for just that.

Do you need a concise summary of what He did for you? Try Colossians 2 and 3.