My prayer and confession today

Jesus is the Messiah. He paid for *all* of our sins, once for all, and I gratefully choose to accept His complete sacrifice for me.

Yes I still sin, I am a sinner, but my sin is not counted, it is fully paid for by Jesus. Past, present and future.

Because of Jesus there is no sin barrier between me and my heavenly Father. Nothing stopping His abundant blessings. Thank You Jesus!

2 responses to “My prayer and confession today

  1. Aremu Adeyemi Jeremiah i need deliverance concern my life style so that my life will be totally be for God

  2. Please,please if you know someone with the Gift of the Holyghost in miracles forward this to Them to pray over and ask God for me. Please pray God knows a way to make my miracle happen and in the blink of an eye and that He does this for me today, and Tonya calls me and tells me to come back HOME today,this is my hearts desire and I truely am crying out for it. God did give me faith.Please help me, this has gone on long enough and I really do need my miracle, so please help me. Thank you and God bless. Ken

    Hi Ken. I’m so sorry for what you are going through. Tonya has her own life and her own choices. But God is able to heal *you* and if you begin to pray for that, He will walk you through YOUR healing. Focus on becoming the healthiest person that you can be. God bless, Mark.

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