Delighting myself in God

I really feel to share this with you.

The main thing I learned from Brother Lawrence was this: “That our only business was to love and delight ourselves in GOD” That is why I try to delight myself in God too with my FUN choice of words on this blog. I also go to bed an hour earlier than I need to, just to read the bible, pray, lie there hoping He will come near, journal about my thoughts about Him.

BTW: I don’t do anything weird like soaking or meditate or open myself up to anything. I don’t do any esoteric thing. I don’t even read those books or have them in my house. Jesus is all I want and need. He has everything I need or His death and life is the Doorway through to what I need.

2 responses to “Delighting myself in God

  1. God shows up everytime we, his blood bought children, want to sit at his lap.

    My relationship with God has grown so much by doing really small things like making time before bedtime to read and meditate on his glory….

    That is SO COOL Diana! I hope many more people hear your words and simply take the time. – Mark.

  2. Thanks for sharing this…….. email me back I’ll like to share something….

    K. I just emailed you. May God bless you! Mark.

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