Marriage Pt 1 – God is so good

God has been working hard on getting me ready for my future wife.

I keep wondering if a woman can really go where I want to go in Jesus Christ. Now before you get offended, hear me out. I love kids, but I see too many men travelling for ministry and leaving their families behind. I just can’t imagine doing this. It would tear all of us apart. But would she want to travel and have unreliability in her life and in her family? I fully expect trouble because of my beliefs… in fact I’m planning on it. Would she want that too?

So I have many times offered to Him that I don’t get married and He meets my needs and I am just His disciple. And yet He persists that I should wait for my wife. He maintains the line. Holds the ground. He is consistent. Most recently He gave me this verse…

Remain tonight, and in the morning if he will perform for you the part of a kinsman, good; let him do it. But if he will not do the part of a kinsman for you, then, as the Lord lives, I will do the part of a kinsman for you. Lie down until the morning. – Ruth 3:13

In this verse I believe God is saying that if my partner chooses not to be with me and won’t go into the destiny I am headed for, He will be my “kinsmen”. But clearly His first choice is for me to connect to her.

Many people say I would be a great husband and dad, but my past experiences speak loud volumes against me getting involved again. I’m not the perfect man and I have issues and weaknesses, but I have done the hard yards to prepare for her. I have changed inside and I have been praying for her for several years now.

It is amazing to me that God would turn down my offer of working only for Him. He spoke through Srey on saturday night that God really really wants me to experience the warmth of love in my life, because I haven’t experienced it in my life.

How amazing God is. He wants truly the best for us.

5 responses to “Marriage Pt 1 – God is so good

  1. I enjoyed the words here, as I am longing for a partner terribly. Ive been waiting for about 10 years and not sure what God has planned for me. Ive lost both my parents, am grieving terribly and would love nothing more than a loving husband and a beautiful family.

    I pray to God every day, I think about it and worry about it constantly.. But now Im thinking that maybe focussing on it too much is what is stopping it from coming into my life. I have placed more desires maybe on finding my husband than trusting in God??

    I will attempt to give it up totally to God and trust the desire he has placed in my heart whislt focussing on Him.

    Thanks uncannyman for: And remember Ecc. 3:1 , to everything there is a purpose in time

    Pray for me 🙂 God Bless

  2. It’s amazing how we say one thing with our mouth, but just know God sees your heart. I to have desired to find that so called mate of my life that would understand my hunger and thirst to spread the gospel. It’s always a concern as to whether or not the person you end up with will accept your life style. Well to be honest before you marry that person that should always be established.
    I desire to be married. I told God that’s one thing i wouldn’t make a mistake and say, and that is I don’t want a husband. I do. I just have to be careful and not make him my God. Stick to what you really want and don’t change your mind because take it from me it will take longer for your blessing to get through your confusion.

  3. I have wondered myself if a man (a husband) will go (with me) where I want to go with Jesus . . . I too desire the warmth of intimacy here on earth, the physical manifestation of oneness, but I know for certain that I can not compromise anything for it, that is, anthing that pertains to my connectedness to the one in whom I live and have my being. I long for a perfect marriage of both, but I will not divorse the one for the other.

  4. It is amazing to me that God would turn down my offer of working only for Him. He spoke through Srey on saturday night that God really really wants me to experience the warmth of love in my life, because I haven’t experienced it in my life.

    Most of the time God knows us better than we know ourselves. Take heart and hope in the Lord my friend, He has plans for you , that’s for sure 🙂 And remember Ecc. 3:1 , to everything there is a purpose in time 🙂

    Cheers and God bless.

    Thanks mate! – Mark

  5. Ah, so THIS is what you’ve been up to. (in an effort to answer the question I posed to you in the email.)

    Way to Go Mark! FOr the 1+ yrs that I’ve known you, its good to see God unfolding his plan for you and your future wife. Hallelujah.

    To answer your question in the first paragraph…yes, it is possible to love Jesus Christ, and have a wife who can travel with you. Case in point, the family that just stayed here with me/us at our home. Both he and his family have been all across the US, plus maintain their home ties and raise children.

    I’m not boasting on man, but it was so good to see that its more than a wish, its possible. (PS, they’ve got 6 kids, 3 of which came for this trip, but have done international crusades as well.)

    Its good that God has got you waiting for your wife. Its not good for man to be alone. And you know what? from what I’ve seen in alot of godly wives is that they bring balance to their husband’s lives and the family life as well. Prayer, comfort and nuturing along with being firm in who she is in God. Man, its a dynamic combination. It really is. And for me, as a woman, its so good to see – especially because that many of my questions are aimed in the same direction: marriage and family life, and is it possible to serve God while joined to another. Certainly.

    Bless your future wife in her journey as she becomes who God has formed her to be, for Him, for you, and then for the manifested glory of Himself all across the earth.

    Bless You Brother.

    Great blessing/prayer for her! I am using it. It’s for sure my hope that we/I manifest His glory across the earth. Woot! – Mark.

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