Back from a gr8 weekend

I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to the coast with a friend (Coral). Well… I’m baaaack and my face is peeling!! We had such fun (in separate bedrooms of course). I have a heap of good friends, so in each post when I mention I did something with a friend, it’s usually a different person each time. hehehehe.

I almost bought a canoe-hiring place that does coffees. It was SUCH an awesome place I could totally see me and my future wife (not Coral) painting the place and working together to improve it. It’s at the end of a boardwalk and it’s surrounded by bell birds (one of my fav birds). It does coffees and boats, but it could be expanded out of sight to do so much more. I could totally see it becoming a center for the local community. Ah… dreams. But there are people here in my own city that need love very much, so I don’t see myself moving at the moment.

Our first evening was on a beach. We watched the sun set, it was magnificent as the rays shone up. I have never seen the sun look like that. At first the sky was dark with absolutely no moon and no moonlight. But God is resourceful and generous to His kids – along this very loooong beach there was ONE working light and it was right near us. It gave us some light and we ate fish and chips on the picnic blanket (which I always have in my car).

 There was no wind at all. We kept speculating when the crashing waves would eventually reach up and touch our feet, because the tide was coming in. Coral built a small wall to protect us. It didn’t work.

We shared deeply. We talked about what we want for ourselves and our lives. We prayed together for people we care about. The moon came up and it was full and big and gorgeous.

I felt so ready for my future wife to come. (In saying this I don’t mean any disrespect to the quality of companionship that I had with Coral) But even though she and I connected so well, I just had that feeling inside. I’m impressed at how much I have done to get ready, I have put in the hard yards in terms of learning from my past and preparing for my future… but there’s no rush… I know there is still more to be done.

We walked the boardwalk and it’s only 1.75kms and it should have taken 20 minutes…. but it took us 5 hours! One time as we sat there must have been a house up behind us which I couldn’t see, because this wonderful music was drifting down to us. I was swooped by a pelican and by maybe 25 small birds. They flew so close to me. We walked, talked, sat and listened. Every curve seemed to offer a new vista, new joys. We sploshed in the shallow warm water. Eventually the boardwalk ended at the place that I was so tempted (seriously!) to buy.

The next day I went exploring and found a river mouth which had these amazing colours of blue. As I walked up the river mouth, I saw a wedding on the bank. The guys were dressed in turquoise button up shirts – it looked awesome! I found an old-style general store that makes home-made hand crafted pies. These were without doubt the best and most generous pies I have ever eaten.

We saw pelicans (Pete!). I fed seagulls my leftover chips. I went for some drives in my car to explore. Went to a movie. A spot of shopping. Bought and enjoyed pizza. Had far too many coffees (I had given up for so long, sooo long!) because that place simply does SUCH a good coffee.

I explored the whole place with the map and I kept discovering new spots with new treasures. I loved every inch of this place. If I didn’t have such a feeling that I am able to help people here in this city, I would head off down there in a blink of an eye. But our command is to love and to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the needy and oppressed and to meet their needs and to set them free. Living amongst bellbirds and taking a swim across a lake each day would be wonderful for me, but it won’t set anyone else free – just me. Sigh. Well… all is not lost, I am set to have many many wonderful holidays down there.

By the way I am finally on facebook. If you know me even just a little bit, then contact me. (Please do not be offended if I decline your friend request because I don’t know you. I apologize in advance.)


2 responses to “Back from a gr8 weekend

  1. Sounds like a great time. I can just see you in your little shop some day. Think you might include a book nook?

    Blessings in Christ,

    Hi Bill. They say that in God’s Kingdom everyone has a job and no one ever retires. If I ever got this gorgeous place I would surely have a book nook, if only for your eventual visit!! – Mark.

  2. Hey hey! Thats great news! I love to hear the excitement and thrill in your voice from your vaca! I also liked how you jumped in and added notes to your own posts. LOL.

    I’m so glad you had someone to spend time with and talk to. There is something so awesome when two ppl come together to be open, and pray for “one another’ (a punt at your previous post: one anothering) =0)

    I’m also very glad you’re on Facebook. I’ll hit you up when I can.

    Chao Buddy!

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