Marriage to Jesus Christ begins now (part 1)

This is a four part series

  • Entering into the covenant… a summary (part 4, final)
  • Building a biblical betrothal contract based on Eph 5 (part 3)
  • The 9 things that happen before your wedding to Jesus (part 2)
  • Marriage to Jesus Christ begins now (part 1)
  • How appropriate that last valentine’s day He would reveal this to me. Looking back in my journals I can see the foundation for this was set over the last several months.

    My Christian theology tells me

    1. Human history started with a marriage between Adam and Eve in Genesis
    2. Jesus’ ministry started with a marriage in Cana
    3. Human history ends with a marriage ceremony in heaven
    4. The future Kingdom begins with a bride (Rev 21:2)

    Cool huh? But wait… theres more!

    Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.” Then the angel said to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!’ ” And he added, “These are the true words of God.” – Rev 19:7-9

    In that piece of scripture is says twice that the marriage WEDDING/SUPPER (or ceremony) has come – at some future time – and it says the bride has made herself ready.

    Did you know that in Jewish tradition your marriage to Jesus has already – in a sense, partly – begun? I found this excellent list of things that happen before a Jewish wedding.

    Engagement in Jewish law is more than just the intention to marry; it carries considerable legal and social significance. The official Jewish engagement takes place at the groom’s table, with the signing of “Tena’im,” which creates the Jewish legal status of “engaged.”

     Before this occurs the groom has already approached the father of the bride. They negotiate a “bride price”

     Te’naim is a mutual agreement between the bride and groom’s parents. It concerns the date and financial arrangements of the marriage.

    There are three things that you should recognize, because these truths can set you free IF you believe that Jesus did them for you. The key is always believing that He DID it on the cross. He DID it, not He will, He DID it.

    The three things are:

    1. The first significance is that the bride is bought (paid for) from her father by her new father and husband. Just think, Jesus and God have bought YOU from your old father
    2. The second significance is that you get a new name, a new surname. Your surname is now the surname of your new family – God.
    3. The third significance is that you now have a new family. Your old father has no claim on you, you have been bought. Your old family has no claim on you, you have a new family.

    “This time is not really betrothal, but is more than getting engaged, and yet not quite fully married. There is no western equivalent, really.”

    In this series I try to describe my experience and how you can think this through for yourself. As always I try to include scripture while remaining VERY practical. I hope.

    5 responses to “Marriage to Jesus Christ begins now (part 1)

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    2. Dear Mark,

      Thanks for your blog and various notes.. they are very helpful and encouraging. I am committed to Christ since three years now and crawling to know more of him.
      On this day, i am going through a rough phase (as i see). I was in a relationship with a guy since six year now. We did had our good times and werer very close but we used to fight a lot. there were a lot of abuses passed (verbal) that was before i knew christ.

      this guy used to come to our ministry and got lot of breakthroughs but never once acknowledge HIM. we were on the verge of marrying but he didnt accept the fact that i follow Christ (i was born as a hindu) leaving hindusim behind and that he cant tell his parents that i am a christain.

      i asked my pastor to pray and in a weeks time he left me and got engaged. This all happened in the month of Dec 2011 and in Jan 2012 he got married.

      I couldnt forgive him initially as whatever happened was too quick and i was unable to understand. but i realise that its the Christ who wants me to be free from all captives.

      Two things for which i am looking for: 1. i have sinned in this relationship with the guy and i want to be free from the sin. and if my future husband would come to know.

      Looking forward for your help on this.


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