Selah – a place to pray or think or make music

I have not blogged (or even journalled) for a short while now. It’s a time of selah – a time to pray and pause.

Selah – word frequently found in the Book of Psalms, and also in Hab 3:9, Hab 3:13, about seventy-four times in all in Scripture. Its meaning is doubtful. Some interpret it as meaning “silence” or “pause;” others, “end,” “a louder strain,” “piano,” etc. The LXX. render the word by daplasma i.e., “a division.”

I am going through some vast internal changes and I’m growing and learning about myself. In years to come this will be wonderful blogging food for readers, but for right now its very personal, emotional and deeply confronting. It has been written that when you stand at the edge of the abyss – it’s then that you find out who you are. I am happy to say that I like me, I admire me, I’m excited about my own future with God, I’m secure in the knowledge that He has His hand on me and my life.

This time is scary, but the outcome is assured. A better Mark. If you would like to pray for me, please would you do that and use this prayer (My prayer for you) that I wrote and which I have used for some of you when you have asked for my assistance. Your prayers are always vividly felt by me. It has a real impact on my day.


I am still here, still contactable, still enjoying life, still cranking it all along as usual… but just a bit more in need of prayer support as I go through this time of growth. Praise God that He has put good kind people around me to support me.

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