Faith and love… now for the love

Paul said the 3 most important things are faith, hope and love. You already have hope – it’s the hope that God has something for you which has you visiting this (and other) blogs. If you didn’t have hope you wouldn’t leave your bed in the morning. So that leaves faith and love. We know the bible says that the greatest of the three is love, sometimes we need to get our faith correct so that we can get some spiritual freedom. Then we can love again.

In my walk with God I find I cycle between the three. I get some hope that something I read about in the bible can be mine, then I learn about a deeper understand of Jesus and then I receive the reality of that hope. After growing in hope, I find God moves me to learn about love – or more specifically, about emotional living, how to live life, how to have greater meaning in life – that kind of thing. I have felt a yearning to complete my current series of faith posts and to move back over to love posts for a while.

Today the series wrapped up in my own life and it will wrap up on this blog. I will then begin to write about lovin yourself and loving others again for a bit.

These faith posts have been very popular and yesterday I saw a big spike in visitors. I have so much I would love to write about, but talking about how to live life well is very important too. So that is what I will be writing about from a few posts time.