Prophets as preachers (excellent book!)

I have found a most brilliant book: Prophets as preachers. It sheds a very simple light on things that all prophetic types should know before getting active in their gift. I have read many well known books on prophecy, but this is the first time I felt the book was able to speak to me on any page and any paragraph.

This is a very easy to read and chatty study on the OT prophets and how they communicated their messages. I have never seen such an excellent summary of such a wide topic before.

I believe that God is revealing new things that have been right there in the bible, literally from day one, but we are only perceiving them now. If you agree with that statement, then get this book before speaking out.

I also believe that many many prophetic people read this blog. If that is you, don’t reply to this post, don’t leave a comment, just go get this book and feed on it. You will learn. You will! And you’ll see how to do your job, in a whole new way and with far greater effectiveness.

No one in the existing church can give you the advice that this book does, because the current church lives on past revelation. Your job is to reveal what comes next – and you can’t reveal the new in the same way that the old was revealed. It is not uncommon for what already exists to be excited about the future, but then reject the changes that are required. This is a tremendous book for helping you to see a new way forward so that what exists at least has a chance to perceive the new and then perhaps embrace the big changes required.

What did you think of this post or this blog?

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