Prophecy – Catastrophe ahead (Ike and financial storms)

Over a year ago I wrote this and saved it in WordPress drafts…

I believe that God is warning me that a catastrophe is ahead. When it comes, we are to be aware that He is God and He has everything under control. He saw it coming and He is bigger than any of these things. Our trust must be in Him, not in things. Our hope and our strength and our provision is in Him.

I wrote this post and stored it as a draft on June 25, 2007. I am  publishing it now because I think it related to recent events. Some of my friends (Angela, Trish) will know that I had thought it would be financial, but I generally avoid talking about things like this. I showed this post in drafts to Angela in June 2008, but still kept quiet about it in public.

Why am I listing this now?

Because in the current situation people are sensibly concerned about morgages, debt, investments, retirement plans and more… but it can be a great help to be reminded that OUR TRUST IS IN HIM and HE PROVIDES FOR US.

How do I know I first wrote it back in June 2007? Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t display the initial created date anywhere in the admin system, it only has the published or recently edited date. But I was able to figure out the creation date because WordPress has a post creation number: 944. And that is between 992 and 995 and I can see the dates for those two posts:

995 June 26, 2007
992 June 25, 2007

The interesting thing that boggles my mind is that this date of June 25, 2007 is immediately before this current financial crises began. Most financial analysts say this crises began 13 months ago, which is approximately August 2007.

So let’s keep remembering, He foretold this, He took action to speak before it happened… He is saying to have faith and trust in Him, He is saying that it’s going to be ok, He is bigger than what is happening now – if we place our trust in Him.

Ike tells us a story of Jesus Christ’s saving grace

I think we can see from recent storms in the US that by the grace of God very very few people were killed, even while some damage was done. Gustav killed 1 person who fell out of his boat. Why on earth was he in a boat? Sheesh! We know that Gustav did very little damage for a Cat 4 hurricane.

Ike was also meant to be Cat 4 or even near to a 5, but it lost power and arrived as a Cat 2 and then rapidly became Cat 1 and then was meant to travel all the way up the US doing damage, but by the grace of God it reduced to a storm and then down to a depression and it ended rapidly. Remember the initial reports? Ike was bearing down as a Cat 4 which was 700 miles wide – look at the picture to the left. When Ike came ashore it was still a 400 mile wide storm (the size of Texas) but with the grace of God it arrived only as a Cat 2. It only damaged 3 oil platforms and caused no significant damage to the oil refineries.

On this Earth Observatory page you can clearly see the slowing down of the storm as it mysteriously loses power within a few hours. This was nothing less than a demonstration of the power of Jesus Christ. But certainly there was damage, but I want people to lift up their eyes and see that a miracle had happened, the worst was avoided.

“Persons not heeding evacuation orders in single family one- or two-story homes will face certain death,” – source

The National Hurricane Center warned that the storm could intensify into a Category 3 storm before making landfall. Despite the strong winds, the real danger associated with Ike was coastal flooding and large, damaging waves. Ike could push water 20 to 25 feet above normal high-tide levels, burying coastal regions by more than nine feet of water as much as a mile inland, warned the National Weather Service.  – source

The surge was predicted to be 20+ feet high with waves as high as 50 feet, drowning everyone at ground level. The sherrif had predicted “certain death” for anyone sleeping in a house which was only 2 stories/levels high, because the storm surge would cover two stories/levels. It didn’t happen – by the grace of God. No one drowned and the 11 foot surge was easily handled by the existing 17 foot protection.

What happened to avert catastrophe?

So what made Hurricane Ike take such an unusual track? It was pushed off course by a huge block of high pressure over the southeast corner of the US. Rather like the way a boulder in a river makes water flow around it, so a hurricane is steered around a high-pressure system. Despite their awesome power and size, hurricanes are simply no match for a hefty anti-cyclone. – source

Where did that anti-cyclone high pressure system come from? Just in the nick of time it appeared? Hmmm… 🙂 This is an animation of how the high pressure system is protecting the area.

Although damage was done to people. lives, businesses and land, it was nothing like the “catastrophic” predictions. By the grace of Jesus Christ a certain catastrophe was averted. The “anti-cyclone” that was created was from God.

Please help Haiti

I am so sorry that Haiti took such a beating. The reports coming from there are just awful and I am very very pleased to hear how much assistance the US is providing to the people and the government of Haiti. The mercy and generosity of the US toward Haiti will bear a lot of fruit in future years – for both countries I think.

My biggest fear is that bad people will use this devastating experience to re-start a chronic nationwide dependance on voodoo. I’d rather see this nation ask Jesus Christ for help and recieve more overwhelming support and provision through nations that have Christian people living in them. We simply MUST pray for Haiti and it’s people.

Place our faith in Him

I think that in the same way, this financial storm seems like a Cat 4 or 5 storm and is reported to the most severe in a century – just like Ike was – but in the end we may look back and see some expensive damage, but little or no loss of life… but only by the grace of God.

Let’s place our faith in Him and if you prayed about Ike, pray about this financial storm. The God who mysteriously manifested an “anti-cyclone” to stop Ike, is the same God who can deal with this financial storm too (and anything else in your life too BTW).

The miracle continues…

Right now the seas are 1.7 degrees warmer than normal and the conditions are perfect for creating powerful hurricanes. BUT as of right now there are still no new hurricanes because that high pressure system is still there.

From Tropical Storm

Did you know that September is the hurricane high season and in this current season there was DOUBLE the normal number of hurricanes by Sept 2… but now just at the peak of the season our faith in Jesus Christ has stopped all hurricanes from coming. You have witnessed a miracle – so continue to have faith in Jesus Christ!! 🙂

I hope the many millions of people in this region are thanking Jesus Christ for what He did on the cross to keep them safe. And I really want you to consider putting your faith in Him during this financial storm. If He did it for Ike and Gustav, He can do it for anything. 🙂

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