The Aussie rain miracles – the proof, part 2

This post follows on from the previous post: The Aussie rain miracles – faith, part 1 I strongly recommend you read that before this, it explains

  • the journey into faith with God that I was forced to take… to get to this post
  • what faith really is and how to do it
  • the desperate need in Australia because of the drought

But if you just want to read about the miracle of the rain, then read on without delay 🙂

There are two things you need to understand: what a percentile is (the documents about the drought use this word) and the worsening conditions for Australia.

Understanding “percentiles”

If there were a hundred years of rainfall data that were sorted from the driest to the wettest, the five driest years would fall below the 5th percentile and the five wettest above the 95th percentile. – source (The average is therefore at the 50th percentile)

Understanding the current conditions in Australia

The warmest year for Australia since 1910 was 2005, while 2007 was the warmest year for much of southern Australia. The number of hot days and nights has increased and the number of cold days and nights has declined. – source For more details on this, see the previous post.

Ok, on to the miracle details. Do you have your propellor hat on? Is it strapped tight? hehehe.

On June 17, 2008 I felt compelled to begin testing what Jesus Christ had done on the cross, to see if what He had done was truly available even to people who did not know Him and were not repenting. So many of His miracles of healing were to people who didn’t ask Him for healing (the centurion, the man with the mat at Siloam and others representing their employees or representing family or representing dead relatives). And in fact in His opening speech we know He quotes Isaiah, but only in the last few days did a wonderful book bring my attention to the fact that He held up two gentiles as examples of faith – and He did this in His inaugural speech no less! (see Luke 4:18-19; Luke 4:25-28)

Plus as I showed in this post (Sin as a noun in Romans) Jesus Christ died in the place of everyone regardless and He took all sin regardless. And we simply need to receive this truth, for the WHOLE WORLD to become free of sin and death.

The next day John saw Jesus coming to him and said, Look! There is the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world! – John 1:29

It’s all biblical. I’ve made 15 videos showing hundreds of scriptures. I’ve written posts about the prophecies in the OT that point to the freedom He would bring. So was I right? Or was I deceived? Only one way to find out. Take a stand that Jesus Christ has defeated the sin and death that is causing the drought that is so severe that it has caused suicides (for more on this see the previous post)

So, like the mad scientist that I am… always looking for applied reality rather than abstract emotional madness… I developed a plan…

  • First, I researched the current condition from a trusted source: Australian Bureau of Meterology
  • Second, I researched the forecasted state for the next 3 months from the same source
  • Third, I physically printed both out as proof and kept them safely tucked away, so I can compare if there IS any change – rather than be all emotional about it. Proof. We need proof! (John 4:48)
  • Fourth, get a map of the affected areas and get praying that JESUS HAS DONE IT!!!

Ok so here are the images and links so you can view them yourself.

Trend in annual rainfall since 1950

First we need to work out if there is an actual need. This graph shows really clearly that the trend is worse, year after year. The wheat belt is in the bottom left corner and I had no idea that they were heading into their third straight year of conditions and if they didn’t have rain, this year they would fold up. All over, red rover. The trend was bad.

Source (PDF)

The need was huge – and I was blissfully unaware at this stage! I was just responding to a “dare” from God. If you know what I mean. My motive was an innocent child playing with his new faith toy, and then I suddenly became aware of other children and I thought, hmmm… can this faith toy help them a bit? I doubt it, but I’ll give it a go. 🙂

Chances of exceeding the median rainfall

In my research – mad scientist style – I knew I needed a point of reference (what it’s like NOW) and an estimation from a recognized source about what they expect. And so I found this picture below. It predicts the likelihood of rainfall exceeding the normal amount of rain during this period.

NOTE: I apologize for the poor quality image below, it’s because it’s scanned from what I printed out at the time. I can’t find how to get this data from the absolutely superb Australian Bureau of Meterology website.

If you study this image, you will see that the expectation of even normal rainfall is very low. In the all important wheat belt areas (south west) the expectation is down to 30% likelihood. More agricultural areas in the east only had 40% likelihood and more areas in the south/southeast had 30-40% likelihood.

As I began to pray I found reports from the farmers and about the farmers. Not only was suicide a problem but after 2 years of poor harvest, if they didn’t get rain this year, the whole wheat belt seemed like it would fold and cease. Imagine that. Imagine a country ceasing to have a wheat belt, where it was once so prosperous and productive.

Exceptional Circumstance Boundaries 2008

So I looked for a list of areas that needed to be prayed for. I learned about “Exceptional Circumstances” and “Interim Assistance” Boundaries (see the glossary for drought). I printed them off and prayed for them all, once or twice a day – always stating that Jesus had delivered these people and the land from sin and death, through His substitutionary death on the cross.

But the scale of the problem became hugely apparent – and it was larger than the image above shows! The copy I printed off (at the internet cafe on July 17, 2008) shows even more brown than this one does… because back then they had Exceptional AND Interim areas, whereas I see this map only has Exceptional Circumstances. Perhaps things have eased a bit. Thank You Jesus! Can I hear an amen Y’All? 🙂

But back then, if you read the glossary for the term drought you will see that a place qualifies for assistance if the percentile is below 30% for 12 months. The image I captured above showed a likelihood of 30% during the winter months, the winter is the rainfall months! So the overall percentile was far far lower. The situation was simply a very bad outlook.

So. are you ready for what happened? Huh? Huh? I prayed based on the FINISHED work of Jesus Christ. He did it and there is nothing to do but receive. You ready?

ACTUAL Rainfall deficiencies 1 July to 30 Sept 2008

Below is the outcome at the end of the 3 months. And remember, I didn’t get the full 3 months because I started 17 July, plus, near the end I saw this was working and I got distracted by Hurricanes and by other highly dramatic things in my own life.

Plus, at this stage my faith is not really humming along, considering how much I still struggle in my own life and how active sin is still in my life. It’s really terrible and I’m not being humble. But God is patient with me and so I’m patient with me too! 🙂

BUT. Look! Give the low expectations, here is the outcome. Below are the DEFICIENCIES that were experienced by the end of the 3 months.

SUMMARY: Hardly any areas experienced rainfall that was too low.

WOW. I mean WOW!!! Can anyone believe it? The wheat farmers had their crops. The other two sets of farmers (east and south/south east) got their rain too.In my region they had snow for the whole season, the income from toourists would have been awesome. And what’s more, I keep hearing of statistics that more Australians are getting married (up by 2% last year) and so many other health-related trends are edging in the right direction.

Come on people! Get excited!! I know this is slim pickings, but it’s a start. You can add your faith. What would happen then?

Ok. Now for the not-good-enough realities:

  • The highly symbolic Murray hasn’t started flowing… yet. Yet! But it will. It will. And no one is talking about letting sea water into the tributaries at least to stop it from silting up. Sea water would kill off all the unique species. No one is thinking of doing that any more. Wow huh?
  • The rain is enough to bring in the current crops, but it hasn’t been enough to catch up for a decades of shortfalls.

And that’s pretty much it. The rest of this post is just showing more and more data. You can extract your own data here: Australian Bureau of Meterology or

ACTUAL Rainfall 1 July to 30 Sept 2008

This graph below shows the total rainfallthat fell during those 3 months.

ACTUAL Aussie rainfall deciles 1 july to 30 sept 2008

This graph below shows the rainfall, but it shows it as a decile map. “A decile rainfall map will show whether the rainfall is above average, average or below average for the time period and area you have already chosen”

What you can see from that graph is that where the country was almost entirely in light red and deep red 3 months ago, now large parts are white – average – and then some are light red. I praise God that the wheat belt (south west) is in light blue, indicating above average rain.

So let me be the first to say that this miracle is not as dramatic as raising someone from the dead, but I think it’s a pretty good first step. And it surely proves that Jesus is who He said and He did what He said.

Please open your eyes and read this with a fresh mind:

  • Australia was in an “exceptional” (once in 20-25 years) event and yet the right amound of rainfall occured.
  • Hurricane Gustav hit the US as a Cat 4 and only killed 1 person
  • Hurricane Ike devastated two countries, killing hundreds, then moved across abnormally warm waters toward the US, supposedly gathering speed and size, it was going to do tremendous damage… it arrived as a Cat and decreased immediately to a Cat 1 and it did relatively little damage. (Relatively – because there still was damage!)
  • The hurricane season for that region was twice as bad as the average, it set new records, the seas were the warmest on record, and at the peak of the Season (Sept 10, 2008) the hurricanes stopped. There have been no new hurricanes since then.

There are 4 undeniable things that should cause you to re-evaluate your faith. Jesus Christ DID IT and you and all of us simply have to RECEIVE it by faith.

This is a part of a series…

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