Another pause

I think it’s time to have another pause in my blogging. My previous post (Intercession that works – the “peelback” method) kinda sums up everything I currently know and how I do it – and how you can do it. If you have been following my blogging, you can follow that method and intercede succesfully to open eyes and ears. Remember, you can bring life, but people have to choose to receive eternal life – there is a difference!

I’m taking a bit of a breather. I want to focus on Christmas and on the various things I have going on in my own life. I have been feeling called to a time of fasting and prayer, so I’m going to try that. I also want to catch up with a certain person who I see around town sometimes. A long lost friend. I think she knows who she is and I’m fairly sure she ready this blog. I want to meet you and chat with you. Email me:

So… thanks to all of you for visiting. If you have read my stuff or watched my YouTube videos and you want me to come to your church and help out, I’d love to! 🙂 Keep your eyes on the truth of what He did, not on what you see around you – walk by faith, not by sight.

May God bless you guys!
– Mark.


AND… just as I hung up my virtual pen… I (finally) found some prophecy that matches my writing. I have been writing without seeing any support – which feels risky and scary – and now I see that in fact there is quite a lot of prophecy pointing to what I have been explaining. How amazing is that?!

You probably know that I seldom point to prophecies, but these are worth paying attention to! They match figuratively with what I have been writing about. These are prophetic statements, while my writings are the “how to” which matches their writing – unknowingly to me. They prophesy water, I’ve been showing the water on world maps and across Australia and Saudi Arabia. They prophesy rainbows, I uploaded images of rainbows. Again and again they prophesied what I have written about. It’s quite wow and I am reassured by this, because I am always trying to be doubly sure that I am not misleading anyone.

  • Recovering Covenant Heritage – “Here’s the warning: in this season, the enemy has been releasing targeted assaults to bring division in the body of Christ. A primary tactic of the enemy is to persuade God’s people to discard precious gifts He gave in previous seasons of our walk. Satan wants to abort your promise by negating your heritage. Worse, he wants you to make this choice! Whether your gift is a ministry call, an inheritance, a marriage, a best friend, or a baby in the womb. . . do not let the enemy persuade you to sabotage the covenant blessing Jesus has entrusted to you. Please don’t turn from this picture. To recover your covenant heritage, you might have to plow through some hard places. David did. In Psalm 132, he lamented searching through faraway fields to recover the Ark of the Covenant. Imagine the Ark out of sight, laying in a field!”
  • Covenant Wealth: Releasing Recovery (DOC) – “Throughout these past few days, we have shared much on Genesis 7:11—where the floodgates of heaven opened, and the fountains of the deep burst forth. God is doing the same in this hour. The prophet Isaiah put it this way: “For the windows above are opened, and the foundations of the earth shake!” (Isaiah 24:18) … prophesy the resetting of God’s covenant.  Prophesy recovery according to His covenant!”
  • Recovering Covenant Heritage – This speaks directly to the bravery and commitment needed during this time. It includes a section called “Eight Points For Recovery” which is pretty good.
  • The waters are releasecd PDF – This speaks to the water posts that I have been sharing. “We have heard the Lord described as “Baal-perazim,” or the Master of breakthrough, and I believe this to be true. In this season, our Master of Breakthrough, Jesus Christ, is displaying His strength by breaking through Ba’al. God is breaking through strongholds of Ba’al that have kept the waters of life from fully flowing.”