Iraq, cancer and times of change

Bush urges ‘new perspective’ on Iraq
“There were legitimate differences of opinion about the initial decision to remove Saddam Hussein and the subsequent conduct of the war. But now the surge and the courage of brave Iraqis have turned the situation around… Americans should be able to agree that it is in our nation’s strategic and moral interests to support the free and democratic Iraq that is emerging in the heart of the Middle East,” Bush said in his weekly radio address.” he said.

I think everyone can agree to both of those two sentiments.

During this time of great change, we will continue to see a decrease in things such as cancer . But as expected, these changes are explained in a non-Christian way, citing preventative reasons. Yeah ok, maybe… but how do you explain this then? Study suggests some cancers May Go Away. You simply cannot contain what God is doing.

When cancers begin to “dissapear” in seriously large numbers of people, does that mean that everyone should suddenly stop taking their meds just in case it happens to them? No. Absolutely not. It’s life as normal during this time of change. If you have meds, take them. If you know someone taking meds, tell them to keep taking them. When one day you no longer need them, then THAT is a good time to stop taking them 🙂

As Robert A. Smith, director of breast cancer screening at the American Cancer Society says: “Their simplification of a complicated issue is both overreaching and alarming,”

Yes I agree. So it’s business as usual in your life during this time of change. Keep on doing what you are doing… until you don’t need to do it any more – then stop! 🙂

I wrote about how I think the government should govern – like a parent nurtures children. Now… I know a lot of parents who have raised hurt children by having too much control and I have seen parents raise immature children by not letting them have enough independance. The whole thing is a balancing act – love and guidance seem to be keys. Finding out what this child can become, seeing their best (not your best for them) and then assisting the child to grow into THEIR full capacity (not your determination) seems to be the go. And in this time of change, seeing the potential for the future and managing the transition, without attempting to control, without stifling, but yet still managing expectations – that would seem to be the right way to go about this.

I wrote for years about what was to come. I had to use eyes of faith to see the potential. It is now coming. It is budding. The spring has arrived. You no longer need to see what is growing underground, it has sprung up above ground. You no longer need to have Christian eyes of faith – it’s increasingly there for all to see.

Control, denial, diversion and conceiling are useless tactics that bring you into conflict with God Himself, because this if HIS process which was begun more than 13 years ago. But. Management of the change process, encouraging the good new plants to grow, sheltering and watering the new buds of life – these things would be good tactics in line with HIS irresistable intentions. 🙂

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