Tracking the change

Again… let me lift up your eyes to see the changes that are happening. Its a bit like when the birds take off and fly south for winter (or summer). If you know what you are looking for, you know the season has changed.


We already had changes in cancer (1, 2) and in hurricanes and we had the rivers and lakes (I have covered all of these already)… so lets see what other nothing-short-of-miraculous changes we can find…

The arctic is diminishing in size, right?  Wrong…

Recent cold snap helping Arctic sea ice, scientists find

This next item reminds me of what happened in 1904 in Wales…

Only a few years ago the town of Dubi was so overrun by pr0stitution that a nearby orphanage was opened to provide refuge for dozens of unwanted babies of pr0stitutes and their German clients. S*x could be purchased for as little as 5 euros — the price of a few beers in Dresden — drawing a daily influx of more than 1,000 s*x tourists. Today, more than three dozen br0thels have been winnowed down to four; several were converted into goulash restaurants or golf clubs. – Source

And how about this next one. It may be only temporary tho, we need to wait and see…

Spam in decline too. Two.

And this is amazingly significant…

Social interaction up, p0rn usage down in 18-24 year olds

In another unrelated post, the hardcore archeological support for the bible being a historical document just keeps on increasing.

What are we waiting for?

I’m waiting for the end of the financial mess and I’m waiting to see the Murray River flow again. The end of the financial mess has begun and it heralds a major change worldwide and the running of the river will bring a change for me personally.

Neither look likely and I may currently look like a complete weirdo. That’s ok. I’m cool with that. 🙂

NOTE: 24 May 2012 – So I wasnt nuts, all those things did occur. The financial crisis stopped, the lakes and rivers ran, the Murray ran and the Murray Darling river mouth was opened.

Still waiting for that email 🙂

NOTE: 24 May 2012 – That email never did come 😦

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