Im sitting here reading the newspapers. I see signs of life, in between reading about the desperate state of human beings.

I see “dissidents” who will later be recognised as the start of something old which returned as something new.

Old becomes new again!? The reason for this is not easily seen by people with hard hearts – and having a hard heart is a requirement these days. But that will change and is changing. Let me explain the problem first.

Over the last 10 years, or over 100 years, government and business gradually stripped people of their lives, using many opportunities (the “shock doctrine“, so brilliantly exlained by Naomi Wolf, more info here) they tore deeper and deeper into the fabric of humanity – free speech, association, religion – seemingly reinventing what it means to be “human”, as if all the progress in freedom over the years was disposable after all.

In this blog post she shows just how close the world came to absolute disaster, and I have written before that we need to all be very vigilant and very supportive – even demanding – of our leaders that they actively and visibly reverse the last 10 years. I hope you check it out: The People’s Counter-Coup. I had been very concerned that we had moved into a time of a military state. I’m not sure that anything has been done to reverse that yet. That concerns me – it should concern you!

Yes, but why?

Naomi can see what is happening and she doesn’t mind the pressure that comes with speaking out… and in that article (The People’s Counter-Coup) she eloquently explains why/how the coup was reversed… but I dont think Naomia gets why the process has gone into reverse. Here are my thoughts on why – lets look at how each new thing began and compare each to how it is now. What caused the change?

Justice and mercy

libertyJust think, America was originally (morally) founded with the words “bring me your poor” and justice – symbolized by Liberty Statue – and God blessed America for aligning their values to His. So they prospered. Abundantly!

So what happened? The addiction to prosperity turned into greed, and greed replaced the soft hearted morality on which the whole idea had begun.

The best, for everyone, cheaply

model_t_fordLikewise we forget how our modern era began, Henry Ford could never have imagined that his innovation – the assembly process for the Model T Ford – would result in a revolution that keeps gathering speed, even now. But his original plan – as he stated – was that manufacturing was intended to create the best product for the cheapest price possible and for the most people. Manufacturing continues, but the soft hearted generosity is gone, now its about “what the market will pay” – the highest price possible.

Understanding the drive in this world

darwinDarwin believed in God/Jesus Christ and studied at a seminary. He also strove to explain the dynamics which he saw in this world – and he DID explain it: the fittest survives! How would he feel now, now that his explanation resulted in the “disproving” of the God that he believed in?

Again and again a good heart invents and later generations thrive off the blessing and bastardize the situation. we lose the blessing and wonder what happened?!

Lincoln quote

lincolnLincoln is seen as an expansionary and aggressive and visionary leader -someone to copy – but we no longer copy his heart for the people or his heart against greed. We conveniently forget that he abhored the “money men” who gambled away the money of the population.

Indeed “the fittest survive” and this is what leads to countries fighting, bar room brawls, adultery, fashion magazines parading ever-thinner (and more ill) models. Its endemic in this fallen world.


Politics is also destroying itself because the weakest know they will lose, so they gather more money, more planning, more power, more immoral cunning (hanging chad machines in black population areas etc.) – all in a desperate desire to survive. For all these reasons I am delighted to hear more and more about Government in the Sunshine.

Churches also strive to be bigger, while the inside of the building – the hearts of the people – decay further. Indeed as Isaiah says “All the tables are covered with vomit and there is not a spot without filth – Is 28:8“. I kn0w it’s hard to hear, but it’s true anyway.

Change has already occured

So now for the good news. Did you know that the Japanese kanji symbol given for 2008 – now that it is over – was change/strange

“This is what the LORD says— he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”- Isaiah 43:16, 18-19

Its appropriate to call 2008 a year of strangeness, because we cannot yet see what changed. But the indicators ARE there. 2008 was the year the world changed. How? Here is a story to show the change. I went looking at Christmas house lights and the owner told me that there were more people giving $1 and $2 and fewer giving $50 and $20. Overall the intake for his charity was way up.

You see, the newspapers are fretting every day that the world has less and less $50 and $20, but its too counter-cultural to see amd report that the overall revenue is potentially way up because FAR more people have softer hearts and are collectively giving MORE! Can you see it now? Can you see the change is everywhere, its broad based – and still thin on the ground.

The rain was everywhere this year, even in Saudi Arabia. The earthquakes are everywhere and in the 55 most recent huge ones – I counted – there were only 2 deaths and no tsunamis.


We know that the Great Barrier Reef had lost 30% of its coral due to warmer water bleaching the coral and killing it

But now, just a few months later, scientists say that the coral reefs are making rapid recovery…

Don’t mourn… rejoice!

So dont mourn the loss of the glamor of the $50s and $20s, instead lift up your eyes and see the overall effect is abundance, because there are far more $1 and $2 all over – and they will increase!

We already know “trickle down” (wealth dribbling down from the richest few down to the rest of us) was absolute nonsense. It was always illogical, because the rich are too efficient to permit waste. Trickle down is in fact biblical, farmers were expected to grow an inferior wheat (called spelt) on the borders of the farms for the poor to collect. But rich people dont permit trickle down, they are m0dels of efficiency as they collect enormous salaries!

So now, we have less $50s and $20s, but more $1 and $2s. Less haves, but less have-nots too! Yay!! And the vast numbers of 1s and 2s will grow into $5s and onward. Good times!

Violence is fading away in our hearts

With softer hearts, society will continue to change in unexpected ways. For example… a few days back I sat in a cinema and Clint Eastwood’s trailer showed. This is a typically dark, violent, vengeful, hard hearted movie. Bad man protects innocents by killing other bad men. Yawn. After the trailer ended the audience chuckled at the seeming foolishness of this macabre man in the movie who breathes anger as if its still cool.

The audience laughed because violence is no longer cool, instead the audacity of hope is cool. People voted in Obama and Rudd because cynicism, fabricated anxiety, manipulated threat levels, calculated paranoia is all so passe, so over, so unwelcome.

– Naomi Wolf

The response to 911 was fine, an act of war had occured, a response was needed, a message had to be sent, action was required… but it was then used and abused into something it was not. Where the world has stood in support, the world now became “for or against” and there could be no in between. Naomi Wolf called it a coup – because it was.

But good news, the world has changed. To be re-elected Obama only needs to treat his poor well and expand the vote to include that poor – because right now those without a home address are unable to vote.

The game that existed before Nixon has now changed irrevocably. Securocrats beware, your unlimited funding is gone and your time is limited. We wont miss you. I wont mourn you, you made my life hell, with no apology.

Hearts change… lives change… society changes

And as people’s hearts continue to soften, this change will be even better understood. It is visible in the simplest of things, for example CNN has dropped the crawl across the bottom of tv screens. People just don’t think like they used to! At first when this trend is reported, it will be attributed to the aging population and the emotional changes that come with that. Thats not the story!

As this planet terraforms into a garden, as we see the result of rain, as we see an increase in marriage and a decrease in violence – even in young countries – as Isaiah says, the learned and the scientists will have no explanations.

Its a great time to be alive. Don’t mourn the loss of $50s and $20s, but get excited that overall turnover is higher because of vast numbers of $1s and $2s – which will grow into $5s and onward in later years. Prepare for broad based abundance.

The change was prophesied 2500 years ago by Isaiah – imagine that! – and its the exclusive work of God. No longer will the fittest survive, because God’s actively playing the game now and He is the fittest!

That means YOU get to survive, no matter how weak you are – you prosper simply because He loves you. His world is Hephzibar and Beulah to Him. The current unrest has to continue for a while, but it will pass, and remember this: its a great time to be alive!

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