Learning to love one another

You have read where it says, when you did it to the least, you did it to Me. In recent times I have watched the Mother Teresa video many many times. She apparently said something very beautiful, that she tries to see Christ in the person she is talking to. Every time I watch that, I ask for that. And it happens sometimes!

Sometimes I’m listening to someone telling me about their sadness or their joy, and even though their stories are in a different realm to mine, I begin to wonder if Im not looking at Someone who is standing in front of me in a disguise?! Just then, to disprove my point the person shares something even MORE graphic and yet I still feel like I am in the Presence of greatness.

Its hard to explain this. Its as if I (sometimes) no longer see the sin in them and their lives just look beautiful to me. I’m always aware of my own corruption and fallen-ness, but no matter what they say, I see the smile, i see the champion within them, the survivor, the softness.

Perhaps I see how Jesus sees us, and if so, then I’m absolutely stunned at the potential that He sees in us.

2 responses to “Learning to love one another

  1. Wow thats awesome. I try to do that, but then I end up being to cynical. God forgive me, but its true. I guess its like I like to say: I’m not perfect – just forgiven.

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