Rivers and lakes – part 2

This post is intended for those who have read what comes before in this rivers and lakes thread and have been waiting for this event to come to pass. It’s here. It’s happening now. Wow. Double wow!

  • Queensland floodwater could travel 1600km to Lake Eyre – THE best flood in the Georgina River in 12 years and the fourth highest on record could push north Queensland flood waters 1600km into South Australia. Flooding in the Georgina and Diamantina rivers could go as far south as Lake Eyre… “Provided there are follow-up rains, we may be starting to turn our back on drought,” grazier Zanda McDonald said from Devencourt, a property near Cloncurry.
  • Floodwaters set to ‘transform’ Lake Eyre – Scientists say floodwaters from Queensland’s north-west and Gulf country will spark a massive environmental transformation if they reach Lake Eyre in South Australia. He says while follow-up rain may be needed, the flooding will see tens of thousands of waterbirds flock to the area for breeding. “Particularly as many of our other large wetland systems have been degraded or are very dry at the current time,” Dr Costello said. “These natural flow events in these unregulated rivers in the Lake Eyre Basin are really boons for the waterbird populations. “The whole system snaps into action – there is a huge influx of vegetation growth, grasses and also there are enormous expansions in the fish populations.”
  • Optimism for Lake Eyre after rains in north Queensland – The hundreds of millimetres of rain that’s been dumped in parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory since the start of the year, is on the move. It’s gradually draining south through the Georgina and Diamantina river systems over the Channel Country and flowing towards the usually bone dry Lake Eyre in South Australia. And as it spreads out it will convert arid land to flood plains saturated with life.

God had said that when these rivers ran and when that lake filled, that a significant change – for me personally – would occur. That river has now begun to run. The lake will begin to fill in the next week(s). Change is looming. Eeee!!!?

And at the same time it is raining in Saudi again? I’m not sure how or why that is happening.

grainOn the downside, about a week ago I spoke to someone a warning that needed to be heeded – and predictably wasn’t – and so there has been a small but financially very important change about 1 week ago.

I suspect God was planning extensive blessing by bringing this weather event. It would have brought rains and with that comes wonderful harvests during a financially troubled time. It would have kept the fires away and so much more I imagine.

But sometimes we don’t have ears to hear, so, about a week ago that event stopped. Ignoring Jesus/God is not really an option… since He is… ummm… Jesus/God?! You can’t box Him and you can’t set boundaries for His “good behaviour” based on your expectations.

I love this quote “she is God’s country”…

  • Rick Britton, the Mayor of Boulia Shire, said most properties had been destocked and that the region, which in good times could carry 186,000 head of cattle, was down to 10,000 head. He said the rain had lifted everyone’s spirits, and locals were looking forward to the big floods that came down the rivers, through the channel country. “She is god’s country,” Mr Britton said. Further north, the Gregory, Nicholson and Leichhardt rivers are flooding into the Gulf of Carpentaria, promising a bumper year for banana prawns, and at least two years of good numbers of barramundi and mudcrabs.

And for my NY friend… Shazam-kerpow!!! Get excited!! 🙂

This train is leaving the station. Get on board.

This is a part of a series…

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