Flight 1549 – Miracle on the Hudson

Last week an Airbus A320 flight 1549 took off, hit some birds and descended from a great height to crash land in the Hudson River. Normally the plane would break apart as the water gets into the fueselage as the plane bounces along the water, having bits pulled off it and then sinking taking everyone down with it. Thats what normally happens.

But imagine if the engines went out, the pilot had to glide, down, down, steeper, aiming for the water which would rip the plane apart. In that steep dive to certain doom, a person stood up on the plane and said “dont worry, Gods in control, He said this would happen, He said it will be ok!” to which no doubt the people would have shrieked “cant you see, youre in a crashing plane you fool!!”

But although the descent did NOT stop, and yes the plane landed in the fatal water. But the fuselage didn’t rip off, the plane didn’t lose wings, didn’t tear open the belly, didn’t sink at all – to the extent it could be towed away!! You can’t tow airplanes in water?! Ships yes, airplanes NO! But they could and they did. Jesus rocks!! 🙂

No one died, no heart attacks, no one – or so few that it wasn’t reported – went to hospital.

Its hard to say “God said!” in this financial crisis, when my business tanked right at the start of it all, almost a year before it hit the news. I’m the guy on the rapidly descending plan, Im not a casual onlooker, this affects me, I have zero income at this time.

But “God said!” and He knows. Everything else He has said has happened. This will be ok, God is in control.

Rex Babin - Miracle on the Hudson

Rex Babin - Miracle on the Hudson

UPDATE: 5 June 2011

‘Miracle On The Hudson’ Plane Departs For Final Destination: Carolinas Aviation Museum

The Airbus A320 airplane, which had sat in a New Jersey warehouse since it was salvaged from the icy Hudson River after the January 2009 water landing, was loaded onto a trailer earlier this week.

All 155 passengers and crew survived the incident that made pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger an American hero for his quick-thinking decision to land in the river when the airplane struck a flock of birds just after take-off from New York’s LaGuardia airport and lost power in both engines.

The plane will make its way over several days to Charlotte, where it will beceom a permanent exhibit at the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

The museum was tracking the journey, originally announced to begin on Monday, through the streets of New Jersey and beyond, on Twitter at @CarolinAirMusem

Here is an example tweet


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